‘Bringing up Bates’: Fans Think Alyssa Bates Is Trying Too Hard

The Bates family is trying to follow social distancing protocols. Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart have taken to YouTube to share how they are socially distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic, and Tori Bates has shared how the virus altered the arrival of her second child. Alyssa Bates, the family’s sixth child, is also practicing social distancing, and she’s sharing how it is going on social media. Family followers, however, think her Instagram feed is a little extra, as of late.

Alyssa and her family still dress up for church

Coronavirus concerns have sent the majority of the United States into quarantine. Many states have issued official mandates requiring their citizens to stay inside unless they have to carry out an essential task. Alyssa is abiding by the rules and has been hanging out at home with her husband and three children. That doesn’t mean they aren’t still going to church, though.

Instead of getting dressed and heading out to worship, the family of five is staying home and taking part in livestreamed services instead. They are still getting dressed up to do it, though. Alyssa has posted several photos, in recent days, that features her family of five in coordinated outfits, and not everyone on Instagram thinks it’s cute.

Some family followers think she’s trying too hard

While it can often be helpful for productivity to get dressed, even if you are staying home, some family followers believe Alyssa’s recent Instagram posts are a way of “flexing” on those around her. The mother of three has spent years carefully curating her Instagram feed, and apparently, the quarantine isn’t going to stop her.

While her matching outfits have caused debates in the past, her most recent photos have struck followers as particularly thirsty. One Reddit user pointed out that getting dressed up is fine, but the fact that Alyssa put on heels just to take a photo suggests she’s just doing it for the purpose of her Instagram feed, and that, more than ever, is just strange.

Family followers have criticized the mother of three before

This isn’t the first time Alyssa’s Instagram feed has caught the ire of followers. Several months back, family followers voiced their concerns about Alyssa and her family’s collection of gifts from an invested fan. Alyssa told followers that many of the dresses that she and her daughters wear for church are gifted to her by a fan.

The admission didn’t sit well with followers. Several noted that the alleged fan was sending Alyssa four dresses multiple times a month. The fan, who is often tagged in Alyssa’s picture, has never commented about the reason behind her generosity. Followers insist that Alyssa is taking advantage. She has since turned off comments on her Instagram feed.