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When there are 19 siblings in your family, life events tend to overlap. At least, that’s the case for the Bates family of Bringing Up Bates. The reality TV family just announced the end of one romance, just as a new one was blooming. Shortly after Trace Bates announced he had ended his relationship with a Texas-based woman he had been seeing for several months, Katie Bates announced she was embarking on a romance of her own.  

Katie Bates announced her official courtship in March 2020

Katie is ready to take a step into adulthood. She has officially announced that she has entered into a courtship with a man by the name of Travis Clark. Travis, who just turned 19, lives in Berlin, New Jersey, and is currently enrolled at a local bible college. He also takes part in his family’s singing group.

Travis and Katie have been spotted together for almost a year by family followers. Reddit users note that the pair appear to spend a significant amount of time together at Travis’ New Jersey home. If the courtship does turn to marriage, it seems likely that Katie will be moving to the Northeast.

How did Katie Bates and Travis Clark meet?

Katie and Travis reportedly met through mutual friends, but that original introduction was aided by technology. According to Us Magazine, the pair began talking in May 2019, but they didn’t get a chance to meet face-to-face for another month. In June 2019, Katie, accompanied by her family, met up with Travis at his home church in New Jersey.

Reportedly, sparks flew, and the couple has been chatting and seeing each other regularly ever since. Distance doesn’t seem to be a massive problem for the pair. Travis still lives in New Jersey with his family, while Katie is based in Tennessee, but apparently, they make monthly treks to spend time together. They also continue to rely on technology to keep their connection. Katie and Travis reportedly enjoy regular Facetime dates.  

The Bates family marries young

Katie might only be 19 years old, but it looks like wedding bells could be in the air sooner rather than later. The Bates family appears to deviate from the Duggar family by having lengthy relationships before officially announcing a courtship. Still, once a courtship is announced, marriage doesn’t seem to be too far behind.

While Katie is rather young, she’s not alone in her aspirations of being young and married. All of her sisters who have gotten married have done so before turning 26. Josie Bates, who married Kelton Balka in 2018, was just 19 when she tied the knot. Carlin Bates, who married Evan Stewart in 2019, had just turned 20 when she walked down the aisle. Michael Bates, the family’s eldest daughter, waited the longest of any of the girls to marry so far. She tied the knot at 25.

The Bates boys, however, appear to wait much longer to find a bride. Currently, only one Bates boy who is old enough to get married has found his match. Zach Bates, who had one failed courtship before getting married, was 25 before he made things official with Whitney Perkins. Lawson Bates, who will turn 28 in July, and Nathan Bates, who will turn 27 in August, remain single.