‘Bringing up Bates’: Lawson Bates Makes It Instagram Official Ahead of Valentine’s Day, but ‘Shippers Aren’t Happy

Lawson Bates, star of Bringing Up Bates, just broke a lot of hearts. The 28-year-old bachelor appears to be off the market after sharing a photo with his new girlfriend on Instagram. Fans had long hoped that Lawson would find love with 31-year-old Jana Duggar. Clearly, the love connection was not meant to be. So, who is Lawson’s new lady, and are things really serious?

Who is Lawson Bates’ special someone?

Lawson is pursuing a woman much different from the ladies he grew up around. The Bates family subscribes to traditional gender roles, but it doesn’t look like his girlfriend does the same. Tiffany Espensen is an actor who has appeared in several films already.

According to IMDb, she has appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War as Cindy, Peter Parker’s classmate. Some fans believe Cindy’s character will become Silk in a rumored spinoff, but whether Tiffany will take on the role remains to be seen. At 22, she has a bevy of other guest credits to her name, too. Her acting credits date back to 2007, when she appeared in Hannah Montana.  

Lawson didn’t share much information about his relationships

Lawson may have shared the name of his new love and a photo, but the information stopped there. He didn’t mention how long he has been with Tiffany or how serious the relationship is. Still, Bates family followers seem to think things are heating up if Lawson shared a photo on Instagram. The family has become a bit more cautious about sharing courtship news after announcing three failed courtships, all by Bates boys.

The comment section of Lawson’s post also indicates things are getting serious. Much of Lawson’s family quickly commented on the announcement, including his parents. Several of Lawson’s sisters voiced their approval of the match, and Derick Dillard even stopped in to offer his warm congratulations. 

Lawson Bates and Jana Duggar are never going to get together

Lawson and Jana ‘shippers have been holding out hope for the pair for years. Now, though, it seems likely that any potential romance between the two is completely dead. In fact, because of how the Bates family operates, it is pretty clear that any perceived flirtation between Lawson and Jana on Instagram was dreamt up by fans who wanted to see the pair together.


Does the Bates Family Have More Failed Courtships Than the Duggar Family?

Generally speaking, the Bates family spends more time in the “getting to know you” stage of dating before making it official than the Duggars. Since Lawson has made things official on Instagram, it’s safe to assume he’s been seeing his special someone for a while. Jana remains single, and no suitor seems to be on the horizon. At the very least, she hasn’t been willing to go public with any romance just yet. Lawson and Jana have always denied the romance rumors, for what it is worth.