‘Bringing Up Bates’: Trace Bates Admits His Relationship with Chaney Is Over

Bringing Up Bates fans won’t get a chance to see a Bates boy walk down the aisle, at least not this year. Trace Bates, the family’s eighth child, took to Instagram in February 2020 to announce he had ended his relationship with Chaney Grace, a woman he began calling his girlfriend in September 2019. His announcement ended any chance of fans seeing a Bates boy wed in 2020, but another courtship is already brewing, and rumors are still swirling that Trace’s older brother, Lawson may be ready to settle down with a Duggar girl.

When did Trace start dating Chaney?

Trace took to Instagram in September 2019 to introduce his girlfriend, Chaney, to the world, but she had popped up on Instagram months before the announcement. Trace was first spotted hanging out with Chaney at his sister’s wedding in May 2019.

While Chaney first appeared on Instagram back in May, it looks like the relationship may have been blooming for months before that. Trace revealed that he met his lady friend while their families were both on vacation in Colorado. Chaney, who lives in Texas with her family, happened to be at the same ski resort that the Bates were frequenting.

While Trace didn’t mention exactly when he met Chaney, the family did post photos from a Colorado vacation in January 2019. It can be theorized that the pair may have met at that point. That means the duo knew each other for about eight months before announcing their relationship. It’s not known exactly how long they were officially dating before making the announcement.

Why did Trace’s courtship end?

Trace’s relationship looked like it was getting pretty serious. After all, the family is pretty careful about introducing love interests to their followers, and many fans assumed wedding bells were imminent when Trace took to Instagram to share the news of his relationship. According to TV Show Ace, Chaney even spent Thanksgiving at the family’s Tennessee home.

That’s all over now, and fans are left reeling. Trace’s lengthy Instagram post suggested that the pair realized, after spending more time together, that they still have a lot of growing to do and that they are simply not meant to continue their relationship. Chaney has not publicly commented on the breakup.  

One courtship is confirmed, and another is rumored

While Trace’s relationship is officially over, there is a couple of other Bates kids who may be heading towards marriage. Katie Bates, who just turned 19, is formally courting a man named Travis Clark, according to In Touch. Katie and her beau met in June 2019 but only made things official this month. Travis currently lives in New Jersey, while Katie is based in Tennessee.

While Katie is happily dating Travis, fans are more focused on Lawson Bates. Now 26, Lawson has been a fan favorite for years. Many believe that the country music singer is quietly courting Jana Duggar, the Duggar family’s eldest daughter. Rumors of a potential courtship have swirled for years, and appear to ebb and flow with Lawson’s Instagram activity. Neither the Bates nor the Duggars have commented on a potential love connection.