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Buckingham Palace is the British Royal Family’s official London residence. When they are not at their official country residence, Windsor Castle –Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip live at Buckingham Palace. When the queen steps down or passes away, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles will move into the massive estate.

The palace has been the monarch’s official residence since 1837. However, it has been reported that the British Royal family actually hates Buckingham Palace. Could that be true?

The State Dining Room at Buckingham Palace
The State Dining Room at Buckingham Palace | Nick Ansell/ AFP/ Getty Images

Does the British Royal Family secretly hate Buckingham Palace?

As grand as Buckingham Palace looks –it’s full of issues. Since Buckingham Palace was originally built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham, the royal family is constantly racing against time to keep it from crumbling around them.

A few years ago, the royal staff began a multi-year process of removing asbestos from the Palace. Also, according to The Telegraph, 10,000 feet of “unsafe” rubber cabling had to be removed in April 2017. In 2007 a massive chunk of the building’s facade came tumbling to the ground narrowly missing Princess Anne. The roof constantly leaks, so the staff has had to place buckets all about the palace to catch water. Worst of all, it appears that Buckingham Palace has a bit of a rodent issue. Nothing about this sounds regal to us.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles arrive for the formal opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting at the ballroom at Buckingham Palace
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles arrive for the formal opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in the ballroom at Buckingham Palace. | Jonathan Brady/ AFP/ Getty Images

Does Prince Charles want to move into Buckingham Palace?

Though Buckingham Palace will officially pass to Prince Charles when he becomes King of England, the Prince of Wales has no desire to move into the massive estate. An avid environmentalist, the prince doesn’t see the palace as a sustainable or environmentally friendly home.

A source close to the prince told The Sunday Times, “I know he is no fan of ‘the big house.’ He doesn’t see it as a ­viable future home or a house that’s fit for purpose in the modern world. He feels its upkeep, both from a cost and environmental perspective, is not sustainable.”

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will leave Buckingham Palace in 2025

Buckingham Palace has undergone major renovations in the past, first in the 19th century and then in the 20th century where the three wings were constructed around the courtyard. The infamous Buckingham Palace balcony was also added. However, this is the first time the estate is getting a complete 21st century update. At present, the building is undergoing a £369 million renovation that will take place over the course of a decade.

As a result, the queen and Prince Philip will have to pack up their hats and crowns and live somewhere else from 2025 until 2027. Since the monarchs are in their wiser years –we can see how they would be annoyed about having to pack up their belongings and be relocated somewhere else. However, ever the team sport, the queen is taking it all in stride. According to Mirror, “The Queen is immensely pragmatic and she wants to stay in the palace. She said, ‘Let me know where you would like me to go.’”

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