Britney Spears Documentary: Was She Secretly Involved?

The Britney Spears documentary that came out on Feb. 5, 2021, New York Times Presents Framing Britney Spears, did not include comments from the pop icon. However, many fans believe she was secretly involved in the documentary.

Britney Spears featured in a documentary
Britney Spears | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Britney Spears documentary attempted to reach the star for comment

Throughout the New York Times Presents Framing Britney Spears, viewers watch the downfall of a young girl. She goes from a bright and bubbly 10-year-old on the Mickey Mouse Club to comparing her life to a jail sentence. The director tells the story through old interviews with Spears, former Paparazzi, and a former assistant, Felicia Culotta. However, no new information came from the pop icon, according to the series.

“The New York Times attempted to reach Britney Spears directly to request her participation in this project,” the episode concluded with these words. “It is unclear if she received the requests.”

The filmmakers also reported a list of individuals close to Spears who declined to comment or did not respond. The list included Spears’ parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, and her siblings, Jamie-Lynne Spears and Bryan Spears.

What is a conservatorship?

A conservatorship is sometimes called a guardianship. It is usually an arrangement for the elderly or very sick. The family chooses a person to manage the individual’s affairs and estate because they cannot take care of themselves. 

In Britney Spears’ case, the documentary explains that the pop star went through a series of difficult times. In 2006, the paparazzi photographed Spears driving with her infant on her lap; however, she tried to protect her child from the photographers. During an incident in 2008, Spears used an umbrella to physically hit a photographer’s car. 

Britney Spears performing in 2016
Britney Spears performing in 2016 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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According to the documentary, Spears checked into a rehabilitation center against her will. Soon after this event, the temporary conservatorship began. However, the guardianship continued even when Spears was well enough to perform concerts, interviews, and an MTV show. The documentary points out how odd it was that she was well enough to work but not to take care of her finances or personal affairs.

Britney Spears’ fans believe in her involvement in the documentary

After Framing Britney Spears came out, fans noticed that the pop star alluded to the documentary in one of her Instagram posts. The director of the series, Samantha Stark, shared the video with the caption, “I love sharing, too.”

Fans believe the director hinted at Spears’ involvement in the documentary. Avid Britney fans also think that she alluded to the series before it aired.

“Britney’s Instagram posts were occasionally accompanied by teases for something she named as ‘Project Rose’ in the captions,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Nobody really knew what she was alluding to, until the Framing Britney Spears documentary came out and featured a lot of Rose imagery.” 

However, no one knows whether the star was genuinely involved in the documentary. Hopefully, Spears will get to tell her story at some point.