Brittany Murphy’s Father Was Convinced His Daughter Was Murdered

In the 1995 hit teen rom-com Clueless, a relatively unknown actor Brittany Murphy gave the world the ugly duckling-turned-swan character Tai Frasier. Critics praised her performance and the appearance opened more doors for her.

She then started starring in high-profile movies alongside names such as Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, and Eminem. Just when everything seemed to be going well for Murphy, in 2009, fans received the shocking news that she had died.

Although the autopsy reports stated that the bubbly actors had died of acute pneumonia and anemia, her father Angelo Bertolotti thought otherwise. Years after her death, Bertolotti claimed that there was foul play involved in his daughter’s death

Brittany Murphy smiling in front of a blurred background
Brittany Murphy | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Murphy always had a passion for acting

Murphy was born on November 10, 1977, to Angelo Bertolotti and Sharon Murphy. Her mother raised her after her parents divorced when she was two. Murphy always credited her mother for her acting career success, saying that her mother always supported her dreams and never tried to stifle them.

She went to Verne Fowler School of Dance and Theatre Arts and trained in dancing, singing, and acting. Her first acting job came when she was 13 appearing in Drexell’s Class as Brenda Drexell. She also guest-starred on Blossom, Murder One, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, and Boy Meets World.

Her major acting breakthrough came when she appeared on the hit teen flick Clueless in 1995 alongside Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone. She followed that with appearances on Freeway, Bongwater, Girl, Interrupted, and Drop Dead Gorgeous and lent her voice for a character on King of The Hill.

Murphy also doubled in music and was in a band called Blessed Soul in the early 1990s. In 2006, she and Paul Oakenfold released a song called Faster Kill Pussycat, which became an instant club hit. The single also charted top on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play.

Murphy reportedly died of pneumonia and anemia

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In 2009 Murphy collapsed in her $3 million mansion in Hollywood. People reported that the starlet had for a long-time battled flu-like symptoms a few weeks before her death. The coroner ruled that Murphy had died of natural causes stating that she died of pneumonia and iron-deficiency anemia from her period.

The autopsy report claimed that the prescription medicine she was taking weakened the star’s immune system. Most news outlets reported that the actors’ prescription drug use had increased a lot before her passing as she took medicine to cope with pain from a car accident and took pain for seizures.

While filming for an independent movie in Puerto Rico, Murphy had caught Staphylococcus aureus. To deal with everything, she took migraine pills, over-the-counter nasal spray, and antibiotic Biaxin. On the day of her passing, the coroner reported that she had taken an anti-seizure drug, a beta-blocker given by her doctor, an anti-depression drug, and an inflammatory drug.

She was also prescribed some Vicoprofen to help ease the period pain, which weakened her and was her second in one month. After her autopsy, the coroner stated that Murphy had been sick for at least two weeks but wouldn’t go to a doctor fearing for her job security in Hollywood. The coroner added that if she had sought medical help earlier, her condition would have been treatable.

Murphy’s father suspected foul play

Years after her death, Murphy’s’ father, Bertolotti, claimed that he felt “there was a murder situation here.” The star’s mother came out to dispute Bertolotti’s claims saying that she would stand up for her daughter and wanted everyone to stop lying about her supposed drug use.

Murphy’s father claimed that the lab report indicated that his daughter’s hair contained ten heavy metals administered by a third-party with ‘possible criminal intent.’ Bertolotti’s claims only increased speculations surrounding the Clueless star’s death, but none has been confirmed yet.