‘Broad City’: A Comprehensive List of the Best Episodes

Broad City officially ended on March 28, 2019. The series finale was bittersweet for fans, and we’re still not over the show ending. To help us cope, this is a comprehensive list of the best episodes of Broad City.

Broad City best episodes
Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of ‘Broad City’ | Gary Miller/FilmMagic

8. Season 5, episode 1: ‘Stories’

The last season of Broad City opened with a hilarious episode. “Stories” was shot entirely as an Instagram story. The episode was a risk and experiment in TV, but it paid off and ended up being one of the best episodes of the series.

With superb editing and a funny screenplay, “Stories” shows the life of Abbi and Ilana as social media sees them. The women film themselves the entire day as they celebrate Abbi’s birthday by walking Manhattan from top to bottom. As per usual, their typical antics ensue.

7. Season 1, episode 8: ‘Stolen Phone’

In season 1 of Broad City, “Stolen Phone” shows viewers what New York City is like for the residents that live there. When Abbi’s phone is accidentally stolen by a tourist, Ilana and Abbi desperately search for it using a Find My Phone-type app.

The women brave the Upper East Side, where they hear Upper East Siders complain about the number of horses they own and other unrealistic problems. They also travel to Times Square, and the episode gives an unromantic view of New York City unlike shows like Sex and the City or Gossip Girl.

6. Season 3, episode 7: ‘B&B-NYC’

This episode from the third season features a cameo from NBA player Blake Griffin. Abbi and Ilana decide to list their apartments on a website like Airbnb on the same night.

After camping on the roof takes an unfortunate turn, Abbi and Ilana decide to go out. While clubbing, Ilana meets Griffin and decides she wants to hook up with him. Meanwhile, Abbi discovers her apartment guest robbed her, and she asks Trey to spend the night.

5. Season 1, episode 2: ‘P*$$Y Weed’

“P*$$Y Weed” is only the second episode of the entire series. Even more so than the pilot episode, “P*$$Y Weed” gives viewers more of an insight into Abbi, Ilana, and their friendship.

The two decide they are going to be more independent and act like real adults. Ilana sets out to do her taxes, and Abbi is determined to buy her own weed instead of bumming off Ilana. Of course, because it’s Broad City, things don’t really go as planned.

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4. Season 1, episode 10: ‘The Last Supper’

The season 1 finale, “The Last Supper,” is hands down one of the show’s funniest episodes. Amy Poehler cameos in and directed the episode. In the season finale, Abbi and Ilana celebrate Abbi’s birthday by going to a fancy restaurant.

The two women are served course after course of seafood, and Ilana eventually reveals she is allergic to shellfish. The night ends with a trip to the ER, but not before Abbi heroically carries Ilana out of the restaurant.

3. Season 2, episode 4: ‘Knockoffs’

In Broad City, Susie Essman is perfectly cast as Ilana’s mother. Ilana’s father is played by Bob Balaban, another case of excellent casting. Ilana Glazer’s real-life brother, Eliot Glazer, plays her fictional brother, Eliot, in Broad City.

After the death of Ilana’s grandmother, Ilana and her mom set off to Chinatown to buy knockoff bags. Meanwhile, Abbi finally goes on a date with her neighbor Jeremy after two years of crushing on him. The episode is a perfect mix of family dynamics and relationship issues.

2. Season 3, episode 1: ‘Two Chainz’

Season 3 got off to a terrific start with “Two Chainz.” The third season premiere manages to take what could possibly be the simplest day for Abbi and Ilana and makes it chaotic yet natural.

After brunch, Abbi and Ilana have a gallery opening to attend later that night. With hours to fill, the women encounter a dangerous pop-up store, Abbi gets stuck in a porta-potty, and Ilana gets stuck to the back of a truck due to a chain locked to her waist.

It’s a laugh-out-loud kind of episode, with witty one-liners and physical comedy as well. It’s simply impossible not to laugh as the truck drives away with Ilana stuck to the back of it as Abbi chases after her. “Two Chainz” shows there is never a dull moment in Abbi and Ilana’s friendship.

1. Season 2, episode 3: ‘Wisdom Teeth’

It’s common knowledge that Abbi and Ilana love to get high. In “Wisdom Teeth,” Abbi has her wisdom teeth removed and Ilana takes it upon herself to take care of her.

Of course, Ilana’s ways of nursing Abbi back to health involve Ilana giving her weed and not actually watching her. While high on weed and pain meds, Abbi hallucinates a life-sized Bingo Bronson. She follows the Bingo Bronson all the way to Whole Foods, while Ilana goes to extreme lengths to find her.