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Brooklyn Nine-Nine just released an episode that combines everything fans of the show love. As Stefon on Saturday Night Live would say, “The Takeback” has everything. Holt returns as captain, there’s a heist (of sorts), and Doug Judy is back.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Craig Robinson and Andy Samberg | Vivian Zink/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Jake is not invited to Doug Judy’s wedding

The cold opens starts with Rosa telling Jake he’s needed for questioning. Someone she’s brought in was found with an invitation to Doug Judy’s wedding. This understandably upsets Jake, and he meets with Doug Judy to ask why he was not invited.

Doug Judy explains that even though he’s no longer a criminal, some of his friends are. Jake convinces Doug Judy to let him tag along for his bachelor weekend under a criminal alias. This plan goes well enough until Doug Judy’s friends rob a hotel guest.

Jake’s revealed to be a cop, but he comes up with a plan to keep himself from arresting Doug Judy’s friends. They do a reverse heist, and they all work together to put the diamonds back. It’s a fun yet brief return to the heist format Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans know well, and it hilariously lets Andy Samberg pretend to be an ASMR artist.

The ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ episode does not take enough time

Instead of being split into two separate plots, this Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode tackles three plots. It lets “The Takeback” function as a filler episode, but it also means none of the three plots are fully fleshed out.

Holt is back to being Captain Holt, but the episode does not explore the power shift between Holt and Terry. Instead, the main focus of their plot is centered around Terry accidentally throwing away a business card Holt prized.

Terry scrambles with Rosa to try and make a replacement card, until Holt reveals there was a message written on the back that they did not know about. The two manage to convince Holt that he doesn’t need a business card from someone he failed as motivation, because he’s helped so many people throughout his career. Instead of showing Terry and Holt’s dynamic, it’s really Rosa and Holt’s bond that shines through, as Holt lets Rosa take the credit and none of the blame for the situation.

Elsewhere in the precinct, Amy announces that they are able to get another vending machine. This of course gets the attention of Charles, Hitchcock, and Scully. Charles wants a seafood vending machine, while Hitchcock and Scully want one that cooks frozen pizza. The one they pick of course has too high of voltage for the outlet and breaks, so the episode ends with the precinct having the same number of vending machines as before.

Jake gets invited to the wedding

Back at Doug Judy’s bachelor party, the reverse heist goes off without a hitch. Despite this, Jake still called the police and had Doug Judy’s friends arrested. As punishment, Doug and Trudy Judy force Jake to fly back to New York City commercially instead of on the private jet loaned to them by Mark Cuban.

At the end of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, Doug Judy shows up and reveals what viewers should have suspected all along. He was one step ahead of Jake the whole time and orchestrated the entire thing. He needed a way to keep his criminal friends away from his wedding without his sister suspecting anything. Not only does Doug Judy invite Jake and Amy to his wedding, he asks Jake to be his best man.