‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Jake and Amy Find Out the Sex of Their Baby

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake and Amy found out Amy was pregnant in “Ding Dong.” The revelation was not brought up again until this past week’s episode, “Admiral Peralta.” Not only do Jake and Amy tell their friends and family about the pregnancy, they find out the sex of the baby as well.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Martin Mull, Melissa Fumero, Andy Samberg, Bradley Whitford | John P. Fleenor/NBC

Everyone already knew Amy was pregnant

In the cold open of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, Jake and Amy tell their friends in the precinct that they are expecting. While viewers know Charles figured it out in “Ding Dong,” he still does not really act excited. In fact, no one acts surprised.

That’s because the whole squad have actually known for awhile because of the lengths Amy went to hide her pregnancy. Viewers then see brief flashbacks of Amy using various objects around the precinct to conceal her stomach.

Wanting a reaction out of Charles, Jake then tells everyone they are expecting twins. Charles proceeds to faint, and Jake admits it was a lie. Amy is only pregnant with one child, but he really wanted to see Charles faint.

Jake tries to reconnect his dad and grandfather in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

In the episode, Bradley Whitford makes a reappearance as Roger Peralta, Jake’s dad. Everyone who watches Brooklyn Nine-Nine knows that Jake has daddy issues because of Roger. Over the years, Captain Holt has become Jake’s surrogate father, and he is often the person who Jake projects his insecurities on while also giving Jake the encouragement he needs.

In “Admiral Peralta,” Holt is not there to help Jake and instead tries to help Terry learn to play the flute so he can audition for the NYPD band. Elsewhere at the precinct, Amy accidentally gives an important case to Hitchcock and Scully, and she and Rosa believe they forgot to record the contact information of a key witness. Hitchcock and Scully then tell Amy and Rosa they purposely did not take down the witness’ contact information because the witness was undocumented.

Jake takes his dad out for a drink and tells him about Amy’s pregnancy. Roger then tells him that hopefully the two do not have a son, because the Peraltas are cursed with fathers and sons never getting along.

Wanting to prove there is no curse, Jake tricks his dad and grandfather, Walter, into reconnecting. At first it goes terribly, but the two do manage to somewhat bond. Then everything goes downhill when the cake for the gender reveal party is knocked over.

Jake and Amy are having a…

Jake, Roger, and Walter attempt to clean up the cake while blindfolded so the surprise isn’t spoiled. When they take their blindfolds off, Jake’s entire kitchen is blue, spoiling that he is indeed going to have a son.

Jake calls Charles to help, and within just a few hours the kitchen is clean and another cake is made. At the party, Amy cuts the cake, except the slice is green. Walter immediately blames Roger, and as Roger frantically cuts the cake to try and find a blue slice he accidentally cuts off his thumb.

At the hospital, Roger tells Jake that unlike all the other Peralta dads, he’s already proven that he will be a good dad before his son is even born. The episode ends with Scully accidentally eating the gender reveal cake Amy ordered for herself. When he walks in with blue frosting all over his face, Amy realizes she and Jake are having a boy.