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After much anticipation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back for season 7. The season premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine consisted of two episodes, “Manhunt” and “Captain Kim.” It’s only the show’s second season on NBC, but based on these two hilarious episodes one would think NBC has always been the show’s home. Disclaimer, this article contains spoilers for the two newest episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

There was an assassination attempt in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

As fans of the show know, season 6 ended with Captain Holt being demoted to a patrol officer after Madeline Wuntch learned that he never completed his officer training. Season 7 picks up with a newly-demoted Officer Holt struggling with the new position.

“Manhunt” begins with the precinct learning there was an assassination attempt against a local councilman. Jake Peralta leads the manhunt, and they are told they have five hours to try and locate the shooter. As soon as they arrive at the scene, Officer Debbie Fogle, played by Vanessa Bayer, apologizes that her partner did not properly secure the area.

Her partner in question is none other than Holt. Because Jake is still not used to the new power dynamics, he lets Holt tag along on the case. Except Holt oversteps, and ends up trying to lead the investigation. Jake kicks Holt off the case, even though Holt tells him they arrested the wrong man.

It was a classic episode

Holt convinces Debbie to disobey Jake’s orders, and they end up being held at gunpoint by the shooter. Jake and the rest of the precinct use Debbie’s pedometer app to find them, and Amy tackles the gunman. It was a classic Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, but with enough new developing story lines with the characters.

While Holt’s demotion takes up the main plot of the episode, each character is given something to do. Charles tries to convince Jake to stand up to Holt, and Hitchock and Scully help Jake realize they arrested the wrong person. Rosa and Amy bond as Amy worries she might be pregnant and tries to find time to take a pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Terry tries to run the whole operation while worrying that everyone is talking about him because his young daughters now tease him.

“Manhunt” ends on a happy note after a scene with Jake and Amy. As the two sit in bed discussing the day’s events, Amy tells Jake about the pregnancy test. After realizing they are disappointed the test was negative, the two decide to start trying to have a baby.

A new captain joins the precinct

In the second episode of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiere, the squad gets a new captain. Jake and Holt are immediately wary of the new captain, partially because of the precinct’s history with replacement captains and partially because of Wuntch.

Captain Kim, played by Nicole Bilderback, seems too good to be true. She tells the squad she was not sent by Wuntch and chose to be a captain at the precinct. She is also perfectly fine leaving the role in a year once Holt’s demotion is over.

Jake discovers he not only has daddy issues but stepdaddy issues. After his mom was cheated on multiple times by men who were not Jake’s dad, Jake feels protective of Holt and the precinct. At a welcoming party, Holt and Jake snoop to try and find something wrong with Captain Kim.

Instead they end up ruining the party, and Captain Kim asks for an immediate transfer. For the time being, Terry will run the precinct.

Jake and Holt’s relationship remains the focus in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

With season 7, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is as strong as ever. It’s still impressively funny, and is able to balance familiarity with new plots and characters. While the characters are all still together, the dynamics are ever-changing and evolving.

As always, Holt and Jake’s relationship takes center stage. While Holt is demoted and no longer Jake’s boss, he is still Jake’s father figure. The two have come a long way since the first season, and have mutual respect and love for one another.

The two sum it up perfectly at the end of “Manhunt.”

“No matter what uniform you wear I’m always gonna love you,” Jake says. “I mean cherish — I mean respect. You said respect, right?”

“I did. And I feel the same about you,” Holt says fondly.