‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: [Spoiler] Is Kidnapped

It seems like every season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, there’s an episode that takes the place of “Funniest Episode of the Season/Possibly of All Time.” “Ransom” is that episode of the seventh season.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 7 Episode 12 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Andre Braugher as Ray Holt | Jordin Althaus/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Cheddar is kidnapped in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

The cold open for this episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a brief one. Scully and Hitchcock show up for work and are the only two in the office. As they praise themselves for being responsible employees, Jake walks out wearing protective gear. He tells them the building is being fumigated and they were sent multiple emails about it. Scully proceeds to faint, prompting Hitchcock to call him a “lightweight.”

After the cold open, “Ransom” dives right into the episode’s A-plot. Holt calls Jake into his office where Kevin is waiting.

“You both look so upset,” Jake says. “Oh no, did they stop funding the arts?”

“They did,” Kevin replies. “But that doesn’t matter anymore—nothing does. Cheddar has been kidnapped.”

“Someone took our fluffy boy,” Holt says.

To the amusement of Jake, Holt keeps referring to Cheddar as his “fluffy boy.” At first, Jake just believes Cheddar wondered off while at the park with Kevin, but Holt soon receives a message that Cheddar was indeed kidnapped. This leads to a classic role reversal, with Jake having to be the adult and main detective on the case while Holt struggles to keep his personal feelings aside.

Amy’s ex-boyfriend returns

While Jake works with Captain Holt, the rest of the characters are split off into side plots. Rosa accompanies Amy to a store for a competition to win a fancy stroller. If you take your hand off the stroller, you lose, and whoever keeps their hand on the stroller the longest wins. While there, they run into Amy’s super boring ex-boyfriend Teddy. It turns out he’s also competing for the stroller.

Since pregnant women can’t compete, Rosa competes in Amy’s place against Teddy. Due to how boring Teddy is, lots of competitors drop out, unable to take his boring stories for hours on end. Rosa and Teddy are the last two left, but Rosa accidentally takes her hand off the stroller while trying to block out Teddy’s voice. Teddy offers to give the stroller to Amy if she marries him, which she denies.

Back at the precinct, Charles and Terry attempt to start their own business of selling the Boyle family’s bone broth. Charles buys the domain name Workplace Bone Buds for $11,000, but Terry’s jars of broth explode during the investor meeting because he did not want to use salt in his recipe. To help Charles get his money back for the domain name, Terry finds someone at his gym who is starting a business and willing to buy it.

Jake has to impersonate Kevin in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

It turns out Cheddar was kidnapped and held at ransom in exchange for information from an old case. The kidnapper insists Kevin is the one who meets for the trade-off, and Jake comes up with the idea to impersonate Kevin so Kevin’s life is not risked. What follows is a hilarious scene of Jake trying to nail Kevin’s mannerisms, and swapping out his catch phrase “Cool, cool, cool, cool” for “Indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed.”

Jake is able to free Cheddar who is reunited with Holt and Kevin, but he is captured in the process. Because Kevin left GPS-tracking tags in his pants that Jake is wearing, Holt and the NYPD are able to track his location. When confronted with the man who kidnapped his beloved “fluffy boy,” Holt jumps onto a moving car and knocks the kidnapper out.

At the end of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, Jake expresses his admiration for Holt, but Holt brushes it off. Apparently, it’s not the most exciting case of his life, and one of his former cases inspired a movie, leaving Jake guessing which one it could be.