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Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to NBC for season 7 on Feb. 6, 2020. To give viewers insight about the new season, NBC released a first look trailer for fans. The video incorporates scenes from season 7 and interviews with the cast explaining what fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine should expect.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Lieutenant Terry Jeffords is in charge

At the end of season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Captain Holt was demoted to a patrol officer because he failed to complete his officer training. This allowed Terry to stay at the precinct, and it means he is now in charge in Holt’s place.

“This season, things have been shaken up,” Andre Braugher, who plays Holt, says in the trailer. “The lieutenant is in charge of the precinct.”

Joe Lo Truglio, who plays Charles Boyle, added, “The rest of the squad is learning how to relate to Lieutenant Terry Jeffords running the show.”

Vanessa Bayer is Holt’s new partner

In season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bayer will play Debbie Fogle, Holt’s new partner. Bayer’s character was briefly seen in the trailer for season 7 that was released on Jan. 9. The new first look trailer from NBC gives fans a better look at Bayer’s character.

In the trailer, the squad arrives at a crime scene and meets Fogle.

“Who’s responsible for securing the area?” Jake Peralta asks in the trailer. “Who screwed this up?”

“I’m so sorry,” Debbie says. “It’s my partner’s first week on the job, so he’s still learning the ropes.”

“I don’t have time for this incompetence. I want your partner off the case. What’s his name?” Peralta asks.

Behind Peralta, Holt replies, “It’s Raymond Holt.”

“Oh, it’s Dad! I mean, Captain Holt,” Jake says.

The change is hard for the squad on season 7 of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

As expected, Holt being demoted is hard on everyone. The detectives still view Holt as their captain, while Holt has to deal with being demoted.

Terry Crews, who plays Terry Jeffords in the show, said, “The fact is is that he’s still captain to us, but it’s such a different position for him.”

The first look trailer then shows Holt walking down the street holding coffee. As he walks, a garbage bag is thrown at him.

“I’ve been stripped of my accomplishments and lost the respect of everyone in my life, including my dog,” he tells the squad.

“Cheddar?” Jake asks. “No.”

“Yes,” Holt says. “Now he only poops for Kevin.”

Season 7 of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ promises more shenanigans

Even though a lot has changed since season 6, the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine assure fans in the first look trailer that the show still has the same charm as former seasons.

“This season, there’s more shenanigoogles,” Andy Samberg, who plays Peralta, says. “There’s more rumblin’ and tumblin’, more crime cracking.”

Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Rosa Diaz, said, “If you thought these episodes were packed with stuff before, get ready.”

As the two talk, scenes from season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine play. Based on the clips, it’s clear everyone in the show is up to their usual hi-jinks.