‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Who Won the Jimmy Jab Games?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently in its seventh season on NBC. The show is known for it’s annual episodes that feature a heist and Doug Judy, but in the most recent episode the Jimmy Jab Games returned for the first time since season 2. A lot of things have changed since then, so here’s how the game went down in “The Jimmy Jab Games II.”

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Melissa Fumero, Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Joe Lo Truglio and Dirk Blocker in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Jake is no longer the class clown ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

The newest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine centers around Jake’s realization that he is a mature adult now. Terry and Amy are set to be out for the day, and Terry feels comfortable leaving Jake in charge because of how much he has matured. Jake denies this, but Terry points out that he just bought a family-friendly car with Amy.

Jake decides to put on the Jimmy Jab Games since the squad does not have much to do. With Gina no longer there, Charles asks to be the host so he can channel characters from The Greatest Showman. Charles then enlists Holt’s partner Debbie to take his place in the games.

To make things interesting, Hitchcock asks to make a bet with Jake. If Jake wins, Hitchcock will do his paperwork for a year. However, if Hitchcock wins then he gets Jake and Amy’s car. To Amy’s dismay, Jake takes the bet. She decides to participate in the Jimmy Jab Games too to make sure Jake doesn’t lose the car.

Rosa and Holt target each other

The prize for winning this season’s Jimmy Jab Games is a paid day off. Because of their competitive nature, Holt and Rosa immediately pick each other as their main target. While the two of them are competitive, Debbie is not, and she is out after the first round after having an allergic reaction to turkey.

Hitchcock takes Scully’s various medications for each round. After Jake hides in the ceiling during one of the rounds, he falls and hurts himself. Jake continues playing injured, and because of his injuries Amy sacrifices her place to keep him in the games.

Holt, meanwhile, becomes competitive about trying to figure out why Rosa wants a day off so badly. Rosa admits that she was recently dumped, and she needs the day off to clear her head and feel better. During the next round, Holt and Rosa decide to quit the Jimmy Jab Games so Holt can help Rosa with her breakup. As her friend, Holt sits with her and listens to music that he hates, giving Rosa the comfort she needs.

Jake injures himself again in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Before the last round, the ceiling falls on Jake, knocking him to the ground. He’s injured again, and as he tries his best to heal himself with ice packs, he and Amy have a talk. In the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, Jake admits that he is upset about becoming a responsible adult because he’s used to being the class clown.

Amy reassures him that he is still plenty irresponsible. Jake then tells her that the reason he took Hitchcock’s bet wasn’t because of his insecurity. Instead, he wanted the possibility to have more time to help Amy if she gets pregnant since they are trying to have a baby.

With only Jake and Hitchcock left in the final round, both struggle as Jake is injured and Hitchcock is reacting to taking different pills. To give him a boost of adrenaline, Amy uses one of Debbie’s EpiPens on Jake. He wins, and the two get to keep their car.