‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Who Won This Year’s Halloween Heist?

When Brooklyn Nine-Nine moved to NBC, it received a mid-season premiere date, meaning the show now has to get even more creative for its Halloween heist episodes. Every year, the characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine become even more obsessed with the heist, and this season’s episode stretched out over the course of six months.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta | John P. Fleenor/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ episode starts on Halloween

Last season’s heist occurred on Cinco de Mayo, and in season 7 Brooklyn Nine-Nine found a new way to have the heist take place in the spring. The episode starts with officers walking in on several people in rabbit costumes fighting in the office, and one of the costumed rabbits jumps off the roof of the building.

“Valloweaster” then backtracks six months in the past to October 2019. To try and keep the game from getting too competitive, Jake comes up with the idea that everyone must work in pairs, and they must remain handcuffed to their partner at all times.

Rosa is matched with Scully, Amy and Charles are paired up, and Jake and Holt are partners. Terry decides he is not participating, and no one wants to be partnered with Hitchcock. While Jake believes he rigged the entire thing to be paired with Holt on purpose, Amy tells Charles she tricked Jake into teaming up with Holt because she knows they will sabotage each other.

The heist takes six months to complete

For this season’s Halloween heist, a team must retrieve three gems from Bill, Charles’ lookalike, and return them to a knockoff Infinity Gauntlet. Jake and Holt seemingly get a head start, but Cheddar eats the gem stones and the heist is delayed.

On Valentine’s Day, Bill looks a little worse for wear, and apparently had a rough January. Rosa and Scully retrieve the gems this round, but Scully swallows them.

By the time everyone is able to have a day set aside for the third round of the heist, it’s Easter. Bill now does not even have pants to hide the gems, so Jake gives him a fanny pack. Scully is not able to participate, so Rosa chooses to be partnered with a filing cabinet instead.

Rosa wins the Halloween heist in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

For the third round of the Halloween heist in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake and Holt come up with the plan involving rabbit costumes. However, Amy has been paying an actress for the past few months to pose as a therapist for Jake and listened in on the sessions, so she convinced Charles to dress up as rabbits too.

As the group of rabbits surround Bill, one grabs the fanny pack and runs outside. The group watch the rabbit jump off the roof, and when they look down they see Rosa has spelled out her name with fire, declaring herself the winner.

Rosa then reveals that not only did she retrieve the original gem stones from the two previous rounds, she was always one step ahead of everybody. She always planned to be partnered up with Scully, and she is the reason Cheddar ate the gem stones. She also listened in on Jake’s fake therapy sessions, and essentially orchestrated everything from the past six months.