BTS: 2 Members Thought About Becoming Journalists When They Were Younger

Kids often go through different phases as they try to figure out which career path could be right for them, and it seems the BTS members were the same way when they were little. While they have all somehow found their way to Big Hit Entertainment to debut as BTS, it seems two members could have also met in another universe as journalists.

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How did each member become a part of BTS?

Most BTS members came to Big Hit after auditioning for the company. RM, J-Hope, and Jimin all went through similar auditioning processes. V accompanied his friend to an audition and ended up being asked to audition as well. Meanwhile, Suga joined Big Hit after he placed second in the company’s rap competition.

Jungkook auditioned for the Korean talent search show Superstar K and caught the attention of seven entertainment companies, including Big Hit as well as a few very well-known ones. He decided to join Big Hit because he knew RM was in the company, and he thought RM was “so cool.”

Jin had a wildly different story of how he came to Big Hit. His good looks caught the attention of a representative from SM Entertainment—one of the biggest companies in K-pop—on the street, but he brushed it off because he thought they were a scammer. However, when he was later approached by a Big Hit representative while getting off a bus, he decided to audition for the company and got in.

Two members thought about becoming journalists when they were younger

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The BTS members were teenagers when they joined Big Hit and were committed to becoming K-pop idols at that point. However, before then, two members thought about a career in journalism.

According to a recent interview with WSJ., Suga considered a career in journalism because it was what his dad wanted him to do. Meanwhile, RM thought about studying journalism in college.

However, both Suga and RM ultimately decided to turn their passion for music into a career. They are still able to utilize their writing and storytelling skills in songs, as Suga and RM are two of BTS’s most prominent songwriters.

BTS members have also taken on other jobs outside of the group

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The BTS members are mainly singers, rappers, dancers, and songwriters, but they have also taken on jobs outside of the group as well.

For example, every member except Suga has done hosting work for Korean music shows. Jin, RM, V, and Jungkook have appeared on reality shows—such as Problematic Men and Celebrity Bromance—where they showed off their personable sides.

V has also branched out into acting. In 2016, he appeared in the Korean drama Hwarang alongside other popular idol-actors.

Jin is a restaurant owner as well. In 2018, he and his brother opened a Japanese restaurant in Seoul called Ossu Seiromushi. It reportedly serves traditional Japanese cuisine and is considered a must-visit place in Korea for many BTS fans.