BTS Admits They Don’t Really Think of Themselves as a ‘Phenomenon’

BTS has been taking the world by storm in the past few years. Not only is the group at the top of the K-pop industry, but they have been making an impression on global audiences as well.

BTS’s rise to fame was not one that many people saw coming, which is why they have been described as a “phenomenon” by numerous onlookers. However, BTS recently admitted they do not really look at their success as a “phenomenon.” Find out why below.

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How did BTS become so popular?

BTS debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. At the start of their career, BTS struggled to gain a foothold in the K-pop industry. The seven members of BTS lived together in a cramped apartment while working hard to write music, perform, and promote themselves.

The K-pop industry is filled with lots of boy bands and girl bands, so BTS tried to stand out by creating a personal connection with their fan base. They made songs about experiences that young people can relate to. Additionally, BTS also used social media to keep in touch with fans and make them feel closer to the members.

By 2015, BTS had managed to attract a lot of attention in South Korea with their songs climbing further up the charts than before. Then, in 2017, the group began winning awards in the U.S., which propelled them to global stardom. Today, they are one of the biggest artists around the world.

Why BTS does not think of themselves as a ‘phenomenon’

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It’s safe to say BTS’s global domination was quite unexpected. However, despite news outlets constantly dubbing the group’s success as a “phenomenon,” BTS themselves are a lot more humble about it.

In a new interview with Variety, rapper Suga said, “A lot of people have said that it’s a phenomenon, or use a lot of fancy adjectives. But we’re the same as when we started out — a group of guys just doing something that we wanted to do, something fun and interesting for us. We’re the same as we were seven years ago.”

He added, “This is not something that we really obsess over.”

BTS also talks about being a K-pop and global artist

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At this point in their career, BTS is both a K-pop artist as well as global celebrities. In the interview with Variety, they talked about walking a fine line balancing both aspects of themselves.

“We all grew up in Korea. None of us studied abroad or spent a lot of time abroad,” leader RM said. “It was only after we began to perform on global stages and really go outside of Korea that we really started identifying as Korean. It reaffirmed that we are in fact Korean and have a Korean identity. But of course, we live in a very cosmopolitan world. Our Korean identity is very clear, but we also increasingly have a more global mindset.”

Jin, the oldest member, also shared that BTS did not start out with global stardom in mind. They simply made music that they liked and could be well-liked in their home country, though it just so happened that people around the world enjoyed BTS’s songs as well.

He said, “We never made a conscious effort to spread globally. I think it sort of happened organically; this connection happened on its own.”