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There is no question that the 2020 Grammy Awards was one of the most memorable nights in the award show’s history. The night was filled with incredible performances, jaw-dropping outfits, and of course, touching tributes. 

One of the standout performances of the night was a collaboration featuring Lil Nas X, BTS, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Mason Ramsey. Several news outlets named the performance one of the standouts of the night. But prior to the 2020 Grammys, BTS had fans on Twitter all abuzz, and it all had to do with a pre-show run-in.

BTS makes history

The members of BTS
V, SUGA, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

When they stepped onto the stage at the 2020 Grammy Awards, BTS became the first Korean act to perform at the Grammys. Fans, like P Diddy have recently complained about a lack of diversity at the awards show, so the group’s performance was a big deal. 

And in case you were expecting anything less, the performance was spot on. But many fans wondered why the group didn’t receive any nominations. BTS had two singles which could have been up for a Grammy nomination but failed to nail either.

Rolling Stone notes that while their fanbase has grown worldwide, the music industry is “historically slow to adapt.”

Even so, the snub was particularly surprising for some fans and media, given that they had just won every award they were nominated for at the American Music Awards. 

BTS stole the Grammy stage before the event even happened

In the days leading up to the Grammys, no one knew for sure whether or not the Kpop band would be performing at the show. While they had performed at the 2019 awards show, the Academy kept things mum this year. 

So when Ariana Grande, who was performing at the Grammys after a year off tweeted a picture of her and the boys backstage, it was clear that the boys would be there this year. But besides this surprising announcement, there was one other thing fans took notice to.

Not everyone was in the picture. And just like that, the photo and its response were trending.

Where is Yoongi?

Grande captured the picture, “look who I bumped into at rehearsal :)” Immediately, fans began to question where the missing bandmate was. Suga was notably missing. 

There was no explanation of why he was not in the picture. Some fans questioned if Yoongi was the one taking the picture, but others decided to come up with some more creative responses to the star’s absence.

One fan retweeted Grande’s post adding the perfect caption:

“You bumped so hard you pushed Yoongi out of the frame.”

Another fan posted signs and posters asking,

“Have you seen him?”

And then there’s the classic — a spin on a Disney movie:

“Finding Yoongi.”

At the Grammy awards

Entertainment Tonight caught up with BTS at the Grammy’s pre-show. Naturally, the topic of famous singer came up.

When the host asked, “What can you tell us about working with her and getting to know her?”, the band was quick to pile on the praise, immediately responding, “She’s the one right now…She’s the one.”

As the interview continued, the boys added, “We all love Ariana. Who doesn’t?”

So where was Suga during the now-infamous photo? Was he taking the picture? Camera shy? The (Twitter) world may never know. BTS did post their own photo during the same day of Suga relaxing at the Grammys.

Regardless of what happened, or what the real story is, there’s one thing for sure — BTS fans come up with some of the best trending Tweets out there.