BTS’ Bangtan Bombs Just Got English Subtitles

BTS is giving us all the goodies in 2020. We’re already delighted by the news that the seven-man K-pop group will be dropping a brand new album in just a few short weeks. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V have announced the release date for their new album, Map of the Soul: 7.

Map of the Soul: 7 is set to be released on Feb. 21, and the ARMY already can barely breathe with all of the excitement. Along with new music on the horizon, BTS is obviously making sure that they stay connected with their beloved audience.

The BTS ARMY is one of the most dedicated and loving fandoms out there. As much love as the ARMY gives BTS, they give just as much love back. In fact, the guys just delivered the sweetest surprise to the English-speaking section of the ARMY.

Inside BTS’ Bangtan Bombs

BTS truly wants to connect with their fans. Therefore, in addition to music, the K-Pop group gives their ARMY a ton of behind-the-scenes access to their daily lives. Their BangtanTV YouTube channel, which houses their Bangtan Bombs, includes everything from their backstage antics and pizza parties, the boys love of food –which involves them munching on everything from ice cream to hot dogs, and of course — their epic dance moves.

Since RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V’s schedules are insanely hectic with their travel, performances, and appearances, the Bangtan Bombs provide a way for the guys to unwind while giving the ARMY the content that they crave.

BTS’ Bangtan Bombs used to only have Koren subtitles

Since BTS is a Korean-based band, it makes sense that the Bangtan Bombs only had Korean subtitles. Though the guys’ management company Big Hit Entertainment has placed English subtitles on BTS’ music videos, that was not the case with the Bangtan Bombs.

In fact, ARMY members who are only English speakers had to wait until Korean-speaking fans provided the translations for free on their social media accounts out of the kindness of their hearts. However, it became too overwhelming, so the ARMY began petitioning BigHit for English subtitles.

Things got so intense that in November 2019 —  #BigHitAddSubs began trending on Twitter. One fan tweeted,

Dear @BigHitEnt, Continuing to provide no subs for content is proving a disservice to your global ARMY fandom, which is fastly growing & fiercely loyal. I am happy to continue translating, but this shouldn’t be my obligation. Please promptly address this issue. #BigHitAddSubs. It’s trending #3 Worldwide now, here are other hashtags including Korean ones as well #BighitAddSubs #BigHitAddTranslations #ArmysWantSubs#빅히트_영어자막#빅히트_번역_부탁해

The BTS ARMY did not come to play.

BTS’ Bangtan Bombs now have English subtitles

Clearly Big Hit heard the ARMY loud and clear and they are kicking off 2020 in the best way. A new Bangtan Bomb just hit the internet of Jungkook eating ice cream, and the English subtitles are right there on display.

In the clip, RM opens his snack and says, “It’s supposed to pop when you do this.” “Corn ice cream is delicious,” Jungkook replied. After capturing Junkook take a bite the subtitle read, “Jungkook is moved by the taste.”

We stan.