BTS: Fans Celebrate the Anniversary of Jimin Being Announced as a Member of the Group

On June 12, 2013, BTS first debuted with their album 2 Cool 4 Skool and the album’s lead single, “No More Dream.” A few months before their official debut, Big Hit Entertainment introduced Jimin as a member of BTS. To celebrate the anniversary of Jimin’s introduction, BTS fans trended several hashtags and wrote social media posts about how much the singer means to them.

BTS Jimin
Jimin of BTS | Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

ARMY wrote heartfelt social media posts for Jimin

Jan. 12, 2020 is the seventh anniversary of Jimin being introduced as a member of BTS. Known for his caring personality and dedicated work ethic, Jimin has provided hope and motivation to ARMY around the world since he joined the group. To show their appreciation for the Korean singer, BTS fans wrote heartfelt posts for the anniversary of his introduction.

“seven years with this talented, hard working man. thank you so much for promise, thank you so much for working so hard. thank you so much for being you. so proud. keep going. #JIMIN세계가_탐내는_남자,” a fan tweeted.

“thank you for choosing this path Jimin. thank you for choosing to chase your dreams and never giving up. thank you for being our idol #JIMIN세계가_탐내는_남자 #지민아내인생에나타나줘서고마워,” one Twitter user wrote.

“thank you for being a huge part of my life. thank you for taking this path and most importantly, thank you for doing your best. jimin from 2013 would be so proud of you. you nice, keep going #JIMIN세계가_탐내는_남자#지민아내인생에나타나줘서고마워,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

One fan tweeted, “jan 12th, the day when bighit introduced jimin as a member of @BTS_twt. thank you for being our singer, angel, fairy, dancer, hope, light, & role model. we appreciate your constant hardwork as an artist. we love you ♡ #JIMIN세계가_탐내는_남자#지민아내인생에나타나줘서고마워.”

Jimin was the last member of BTS to join Big Hit Entertainment

In BTS, RM was the first member to join Big Hit Entertainment in 2010. Jimin was the last member of BTS to join Big Hit Entertainment and did not join until 2012. While Jimin was the last member of BTS to join the agency, V was the last member to publicly be announced in BTS’s lineup.

Before joining Big Hit Entertainment, Jimin was a student at Busan High School of Arts where he studied contemporary dance. Because of how skilled he was at dancing, Jimin’s teacher encouraged him to audition for an entertainment company, which led to Jimin joining Big Hit Entertainment in 2012.

Days after Jimin was introduced as a member of BTS, Jimin introduced himself to fans on BTS’s shared Twitter account. According to an online translation, he tweeted, “Hello ~ This is Jimin. It’s now public on Twitter ~! I’m 19 years old now and I love dancing! Nice to meet you!”

The members of BTS and fans are grateful for Jimin

In BTS, each of the seven members bring something unique and special to the group. Onstage, Jimin is a skilled performer who excels at singing and dancing. Offstage, Jimin is a kind and caring soul who provides emotional support to all of the members.

On season 2 of BTS: Bon Voyage, V wrote Jimin a letter about how much Jimin means to him. He also told Jimin how grateful he is that the two debuted in BTS together.

“Before our debut, you once got anxious about it. At the time, I had a meeting with the company and they asked me what I thought of you being on the team. I thought it over and said that you were there for me through the ups and downs, you were the one who laughed and cried with me. So I said that it would be good if such a good friend could debut with me. It felt good to say that and I was happy to be able to debut with you,” V wrote in his letter to Jimin.