BTS Fans Feel Bad for Jungkook’s Cameraman in ‘Run BTS!’

Episode 87 of Run BTS! was chaotic. The members of BTS lied to each other, tricked each other, and sprinted around as they played an intense game of hide-and-seek. In the episode, Jungkook ran so fast he outran his cameraman. This inspired several memes from ARMY on social media.

Run BTS Jungkook
V, Suga, Jin, and JungKook of BTS | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

RM tried to tag out Jungkook in the ‘Run BTS!’ episode

For the game of hide-and-seek, the members of BTS were each assigned a member to tag out of the game. The BTS members had a piece of paper taped to their backs, and they could not win the game if their opponent placed a large amount of stickers on their back. To earn stickers, BTS had to collect letters scattered throughout the area and correctly spell words to a staff member.

BTS’s leader, RM, was assigned Jungkook. He expressed dismay at this assignment, as Jungkook is incredibly athletic. During a recent “Summer Outing” episode of Run BTS!, Jungkook single-handedly competed against five members of BTS during a game at a water park. The game was named “Defeat Jungkook” because of how difficult it was for the other members to keep up with him.

RM managed to place a patch of stickers on Jungkook’s back early in the game of hide-and-seek. Later, he reconnected with Jungkook and chased him. Jungkook took off in a sprint, and that’s when Jungkook’s cameraman lost him.

BTS fans joked about the pain of being Jungkook’s cameraman

Because it’s Run BTS!, the show turned Jungkook running out of sight into a joke with sad music and captions. After the episode aired, BTS fans joked on social media about what it must be like to be Jungkook’s cameraman.

“i wonder if the run bts camera men/women play rock paper scissors to see who gets jungkook when it’s an actual episode about running,” a fan tweeted.

“i’d wanna be yoongis camera person, he literally lays down next episode,” the same fan wrote on Twitter.

“BTS director: for the next 2 run BTS ep. each member will have a different cameramans again which means one of you will be a personal cameraman of jungkook. run BTS crew: *doing a prayer circle, hoping not to be assigned as jungkooks personal cameraman*,” one fan tweeted.

Jungkook eventually slowed down and let his cameraman catch up

In the Run BTS! episode, Jungkook eventually stopped running and let his cameraman catch up. When the two were reunited, Jungkook asked the cameraman if they were okay. RM caught up too, and he and Jungkook struck an alliance.

Jungkook gave RM all the letters he collected and promised to guard RM from getting more stickers added to his back. In exchange, the two agreed to split the prize money. Earlier in the episode, Jin and Suga tried to make the same alliance but did not trust each other enough.

“in the run bts ep jin and yoongi were gonna team up so they can win and split the price but they didn’t trust each other enough so they bailed bUT THEN YOU HAVE NAMJOON AND JUNGKOOK COMING UP WITH THE SAME PLAN AND GOING THROUGH WITH IT I CANTNR,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

BTS fans could not get over Jungkook’s kindness. The last few minutes of the episode showed how much Jungkook worried about his cameraman and how much he trusted RM. The intense game of hide-and-seek continues in the next episode of Run BTS!