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BTS has only gained worldwide prominence in the past few years or so, but the group has actually been together for over seven years. The members’ contracts were supposed to expire in 2020, but BTS also chose renew them to stay together until 2026.

It’s not always easy to maintain unity within a group, especially when the individual members are so different from one another. However, BTS seems to have mastered this skill.

BTS | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

The BTS members have very different personalities

Fans who have seen BTS’s reality shows and videos are probably aware that the members have very diverse personalities. Some are extremely talkative, while others are more quiet. There are also members who are goal-oriented and competitive as well as those who are easy-going.

 The differences are also clear when looking at their MBTI personality types. While some members might be similar to each other, there are still a lot of variations in personalities within the group.

Additionally, the BTS members have diverse interests as well, such as cooking, sports, gaming, photography, and reading.

How does BTS stay together when the members are so different?

Because of how different they are, the BTS members do run into conflicts with each other. For example, J-Hope revealed that they “fought each other quite a bit” when they first started working and living together. In particular, V and Jimin also admitted that the two of them used to argue all the time.

However, despite their differences, BTS has managed to stay together because they try to focus on one thing they have in common: Their desire to succeed.

In the 2020 docu-series Break the Silence, Suga revealed that the members try to think about the goal they all share. According to Koreaboo, he said, “We put our focus on the team while respecting everyone individually.”

This has allowed BTS to understand each other and not let their differences get in the way of their teamwork. Suga added, “In some ways we’ve become closer with each other than our families.”

BTS almost broke up in 2018


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While it feels like BTS will stay together for a long time, the group did think about disbanding in 2018. However, it was not due to their personality differences.

In late 2018, Jin revealed that BTS had thought about breaking up earlier that year. He shared at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, according to Elite Daily, “I remember early this year. We were mentally struggling at the beginning of the year. While talking amongst ourselves, we even considered disbanding.”

Fortunately for fans, BTS did not go through with disbandment. The group picked themselves back up through the tough time and continued working.

“I think it’s so fortunate that we got ourselves together and was able to bring good outcomes,” Jin added. “I want to thank my members who helped me get myself together and the ARMYs who love us.”

In a live stream to celebrate their 7th anniversary in June 2020, Jimin also expressed his gratefulness to fans, saying, “Thank you for allowing us to celebrate our 7th anniversary. We were all shaking hands and hugging each other. If we hadn’t re-signed our contracts… we wouldn’t have been able to see each other.”