BTS Is Back From New Zealand and ARMY Is Bracing for a New Album

BTS ARMY is preparing for a new album
BTS | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

BTS just returned to South Korea after allegedly filming a new season of BTS: Bon Voyage in New Zealand. Their arrival means they are back to having a public schedule after a month-long vacation. Members of BTS ARMY know that the end of the group’s vacation means the group will release new music soon. While fans have suspected a BTS comeback album for months, they are nervous knowing BTS could drop new music at any time.

BTS just finished filming ‘BTS: Bon Voyage’

BTS arrived back at the Incheon International Airport on Sept. 24 after a trip to New Zealand. From the moment BTS left for the international trip, ARMY suspected BTS would film the fourth season of BTS: Bon Voyage. Philip Turner, a New Zealand ambassador to South Korea, confirmed fans’ suspicions.

“Great news for all #BTS fans! superstar BTS seems to have visited New Zealand’s South Island to shoot their travel program ‘Bon Voyage’…” the ambassador tweeted.

ARMY is preparing for a new album now that BTS’s vacation is over

Before leaving for New Zealand, BTS enjoyed their first extended vacation since their 2013 debut. When the group returned to South Korea, fans were happy to see the members of BTS still appeared healthy and rested. At the same time, fans felt nervous about what comes next for the group.

“Our loves and pride are back, safe and sound in Korea. I hope they had a great time filming in NZ. New schedules, starts now. Nervous and excited at the same time,” a fan tweeted.

“BTS are back to Korea and I’m already nervous because I think they will drop something anytime soon kaosidzkiziziisoqnshsh,” another tweeted.

BTS fans think the album will drop in October or November

Fans have suspected BTS will release an album in October for months. The group’s last comeback was in April with Map of the Soul: Persona. BTS’s public schedule resumed in September, just in time to announce an album.

The group’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour resumes in October, and at the end of that month BTS will host Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] in Seoul, South Korea. The three day concert event resembles 2017’s The Wings Tour: The Final where BTS performed the setlist from The Wings Tour and new songs from Love Yourself: Her. If BTS released a new album before Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final], there is a chance they would perform new songs at the concerts.

“BTS is back in Korea which means they’ll probably get to work on the new album again in midst of SY rehearsals and that means the comeback is one step closer and that’s fine I like death,” one fan tweeted.

Other fans suspect BTS will release a new album after Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final]. BTS is rumored to perform at iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2019 in November. If that is true, BTS could use Jingle Ball as their comeback stage.

“Depends all on the date of the ‘Jingle Ball’, but according to BTS’ schedule (events we know will take place), and the November calendar, the 29th seems like a reasonable date for the comeback. It’s a Friday also,” a fan speculated on Twitter.