BTS: J-Hope Reveals 1 Unexpected Fear He Has

The members of BTS might be international superstars, but they are still humans just like everyone else. For example, they have dreams as well as fears about life.

In a recent video, rapper J-Hope shared his biggest fear, and it is an unexpected one.

BTS J-Hope looking on with microphone in front of him
BTS’s J-Hope | Steve Ferdman/Getty Images for Elvis Duran

J-Hope has a bright and cheerful image

J-Hope has captivated fans all over the world with his bright and cheerful persona. Whenever the rapper is around, one can expect a positive environment. As a result, he has been nicknamed “Sunshine” by fans.

In fact, J-Hope—whose real name is Jung Ho-Seok—adopted his stage name because of his desire to bring hope to people.

“When we were making names, I said I wanted ‘Ho’ in my name, so at first it was J-Ho,’ he said in the docu-series Bring the Soul. “We kept thinking, ‘J-Ho? J-Ho? J-Hope?’ That’s how we came up with my name. The meanings came after that.”

J-Hope added, “Pandora’s box was mentioned, and the last thing left in the box was hope. We were all like, ‘Hope.’ Looking back, I think the name was the right choice. And I think the name made me who I am.”

However, J-Hope has also admitted that this persona occasionally causes him some pressure.  He explained in the docu-series Break the Silence, “Off the stage, I’d like to feel more comfortable and be free… There is a persona that I need to show to the fans and the general public. I wouldn’t say that I’m wearing a mask, but I have to visibly become J-Hope when I go on stage.”

J-Hope reveals 1 unexpected fear he has

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While J-Hope is often optimistic, he also deals with some fears.

In a new video for Vanity Fair called “How Well Does BTS Know Each Other?”, the members were asked to identify J-Hope’s “biggest fear.”

Some members guessed common fears such as height, bugs, rollercoasters, and ghosts. Jungkook also said, “Getting stains on your clothes.” When J-Hope shared that the fear is a profound one, the members guessed that it could have something to do with not being able to perform, dance, or see ARMY again.

J-Hope eventually revealed that his biggest fear is “my future.” He said, “The fear of the future is a fear everyone has.”

This fear almost led BTS to disband

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BTS’s fame has caused them to think a lot about their future. In fact, back in 2018—when the group was beginning to get popular globally—BTS considered breaking up.

“I think it’s because things got really hard at the start of the year,” Suga said in Break the Silence, according to Koreaboo. “There were a lot of things to think about at the time, and there was a lot of doubt about this work. That was on all our minds that year since this job constantly demands that you be on a roller coaster ride. It turned out to be a year where we could reflect on ourselves. That’s what I think.”

J-Hope also said, “In 2018, I think a lot of unexpected things happened that year. Honestly, it felt a bit scary because we never expected so many things that came our way, and we were actually doing them.”

Fortunately for fans, BTS ultimately got over the slump. All the members decided to renew their contract and went on to achieve worldwide domination.