BTS: Jungkook Had to Re-Shoot 1 Scene From the ‘Dynamite’ Music Video Because He ‘Couldn’t Focus Well’

BTS‘s new song, “Dynamite,” has been taking over the internet. Its music video was released on August 21, and has been viewed countless times all over the world.

However, while many fans might enjoy watching the music video over and over again, not everyone knows some stories behind the scenes of the shoot itself. Some members have fond memories of it, but for Jungkook, he remembers having to re-shoot one scene because he “couldn’t focus well.”

BTS Jungkook
BTS’s Jungkook | Steve Ferdman/Getty Images for Elvis Duran

BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ has broken numerous records

It’s hard to ignore BTS. The group was once just another Kpop act, but these days, they are a worldwide phenomenon. In a society where non-English songs and artists that sing in foreign languages often get overlooked, BTS continue to draw a lot of attention and achieve what seem to be impossible feats.

After BTS released the single album and music video for “Dynamite,” the group found themselves breaking records everywhere. Within the first 24 hours alone, BTS managed to accumulate over 100 million views on YouTube, breaking Blackpink’s previous records of 86.3 million views.

On Spotify, BTS managed to get themselves the biggest debut of 2020 with over 7,770,000 streams. Meanwhile, on iTunes, BTS’s “Dynamite” achieved 100 number 1s within 8 hours, making them the fastest artist to have this feat.

BTS members reveal what they find memorable about the “Dynamite” music video

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Given large amount of attention “Dynamite” has received, it is not surprising that fans are curious about what BTS has to say about the song and its music video.

Ahead of their performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, BTS did an interview with MTV News. Here, the group shares some memorable moments for them while filming.

For Jin, it was a part where the camera angle messed with his head. “They did something to the camera angle that made my head as big as my body,” he says

Meanwhile, J-Hope shares he enjoyed being able to freestyle dance in the music video. Jimin agrees, saying it was fun to create their own “choreos and gestures.”

V, on the other hand, cites his favorite moment as the times they played basketball on the set. “We played basketball while filming the music video, and it was draining, but fun,” he notes.

Jungkook remembers having to re-shoot a scene

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While some members have fond memories of the shoot, Jungkook’s memorable moment was a rather tedious one. In the MTV News interview, he recalls having to re-shoot a specific scene.

“There’s a part where I sing and dance alone in a room,” he says. “I couldn’t focus that well right from the start, so I had to re-shoot it later.”

It seems the scene Jungkook is referring to is his long solo shot in the beginning of the music video. The part flows rather seamlessly with everything else that it is hard to believe it took a while for Jungkook to get things right. However, it looks like BTS is proud of the work and their fans are as well.