BTS: Jungkook Just Created a Frenzy Over a Pair of Shoes That Costs $690

It’s no secret that BTS is one popular group. The seven guys of BTS are known for attracting fans’ attention everywhere they go, and this has also brought a lot of interest in the products they use as well as the clothes they wear.

BTS’s Jungkook recently showed the huge influence he and his group have when a pair of shoes he wore suddenly surged in demand. Despite the shoes being very expensive, a lot of fans wanted to get their hands on them anyway.

Jungkook’s Alexander McQueen shoes recently surged in demand

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Back in June, Jungkook was seen wearing a pair of Alexander McQueen “Tread Slick” boots after recording Bang Bang Con: The Live with the rest of BTS. As reported by Somag News, the shoes, which cost $690, recently saw a rise in demand in Japan, where many people are looking to buy the same model Jungkook wore.

“Customers have come to the stores with a photo of Jungkook to ask for the exact model he used, being a benchmark for fashion for those who want to imitate his style,” Somag News wrote.

Jungkook has been known to cause many items to be sold out

BTS Jungkook
BTS’s Jungkook | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp

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This is not the first time Jungkook established himself as a trendsetter. In the past few years, he has become known among BTS fans as a member with a golden touch. It seems many items he promotes—whether on purpose or by accident—end up being sold out soon after.

For example, Koreaboo reported that in 2019 alone Jungkook was able to increase sales of a toothbrush, a bottle of wine, and a Fila shirt. Amazingly, he also managed to get people to buy Downy fabric softener after telling fans that he uses the brand to get his laundry job done.

BTS earn a lot of money from advertising

Given BTS’s influence around the world, it is not surprising that they are extremely sought-after when it comes to advertising. The group has been brand ambassadors for numerous companies, including Hyundai, Samsung, ChupaChups, Skechers, and Fila.

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According to the Washington Post, Youngdae Kim, who authored the book BTS The Review, noted that BTS is at the stage in their career when it is extremely easy for them to make money.

“They kind of reached the point where everything about them simply works, whether that’s merchandise, concerts, album singles or streaming,” Kim said. “I think it’s one of those rare moments for an artist’s career, where everything surrounding the artist simply works and makes money and more money.”

Although it is not clear just exactly how much money BTS has made from these endorsements, the overall consensus is that they have made quite a lot. The group has a combined net worth of $45 to $60 million, with some money also coming in from touring, album sales, and songwriting work.

BTS started out living in a one-bedroom apartment together, but it looks like the members are no stronger struggling financially. They currently live in a $6.3 million apartment complex in an exclusive area of Seoul, South Korea. Additionally, four of the members have bought their own places as well—all worth millions of dollars.