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It’s no secret that BTS is a worldwide phenomenon. In the past few years alone, the group has garnered countless fans in every corner of the world and sold out concerts in numerous countries.

If given the chance, many up-and-coming talents would love to be a part of BTS now. However, when their company, Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE Corporation), first tried to form BTS in the early 2010s, there was no way of knowing the project would lead to something huge. Yet, member Jungkook took a chance on Big Hit and decided to sign with the relative-unknown company. In his case, there was someone there that actually made him choose to join Big Hit.

BTS Jungkook
BTS’s Jungkook | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp

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Jungkook started pursuing a music career in middle school

Jungkook was born on September 1, 1997. He grew up in the southern city of Busan, South Korea.

When Jungkook was younger, his first career aspiration was not to be a musician. Rather, he wanted to be a badminton player for a while. However, he was inspired to become a singer after seeing G-Dragon from Big Bang perform the song “Heartbreaker.”

Jungkook started to pursue a music career in middle school. He even auditioned for the popular Korean talent search show Superstar K. Unfortunately, he did not have much luck with the show and did not make it past the audition stage.

Jungkook joined Big Hit Entertainment because of RM

While Jungkook’s career in reality TV ultimately did not pan out, he ended up attracting the attention of several entertainment companies, including some well-known ones. He was offered the chance to join and train with them, but Jungkook ultimately decided to go with Big Hit Entertainment.

As Jungkook revealed in 2017, the reason why he wanted to join Big Hit was because RM was already a part of the company.

“After appearing on [Superstar K], I received calls from around seven different agencies,” Jungkook said. “I ended up [at Big Hit] because Rap Monster was so cool.”

Jungkook is now called the ‘Golden Maknae’ of BTS

Although every member of BTS has talents that they often bring to the table to help the group succeed, Jungkook has received praise for how extraordinarily gifted he is.

Jungkook is called the “Golden Maknae” of BTS for this reason. The word “maknae” refers to the youngest person of any group, and Jungkook plays this role in BTS. He is also a “Golden Maknae” because of the fact that he has a large number of skills.

As a performer, he is known as one of the top singers and dancers of BTS. Although rapping is not his specialty, Jungkook has shown that he does have some talent in this as well. Additionally, when he is not on stage, Jungkook also excels in sports, art, gaming, and filmmaking.

Because of his wide variety of skills, there is no doubt that Jungkook has played a role in helping BTS get to where they are today.