BTS: Jungkook’s Eating Style Changed in 1 Unexpected Way After He Became Famous

When BTS debuted in 2013, Jungkook was only 15 years old. Today, he is almost 24 years old, so it’s not surprising that Jungkook has changed quite a bit since his teenage days. In particular, there is one eating habit that Jungkook has managed to change after he became famous.

BTS's Jungkook
BTS’s Jungkook | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp

Jungkook is a fan of food

Jungkook and food seem to go well together. He likes to eat many different kinds of food, and he doesn’t shy away from letting fans know this.

For example, Jin has a popular video series called “Eat Jin,” in which he talks with fans while eating food. Jungkook made several appearances on the series, and it’s clear he really enjoys eating.

In fact, Jungkook loves food so much, he once praised South Korea’s food delivery system, which is known for being quick and efficient. He said in a live stream in 2019, “Which country has the best delivery service? It’s Korea. We’re the king of the delivery service. You can order anything 24/7. There’s nothing you can’t order. I’m so proud that I was born in Korea.”

When Jungkook isn’t ordering food from restaurants, however, he cooks at home as well. During the pandemic, he learned how to make pizza and would eat it all the time. While filming a recent episode of Run BTS!, he also showed fans how to whip up a quick pizza in the kitchen.

Jungkook changed the way he uses chopsticks after he became famous

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Everyone naturally develops eating habits throughout their life, though Jungkook actually decided to change one of them. During a live stream in 2018, he revealed that he change the way he uses chopsticks after he became famous.

Originally, Jungkook would hold them tightly together. He said, “This way, I can hold something and they’re completely stuck together. This was amazing when I had ramen. I got all the noodles with this grip.”

However, he thought the way he held chopsticks was “embarrassing,” so after debuting, he decided to make a change. Jungkook learned how to hold chopsticks in a way that is more popular, which is to separate the chopsticks a little and controlling the top one with the index finger and thumb.

“I think it took about 3 days to fix it,” he shared. “Wooden chopsticks are easy to use. So I practiced with wooden chopsticks.”

Jungkook admits he is constantly trying to improve himself

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Perhaps it is not surprising that Jungkook decided to change an eating habit. After all, he has shared many times that he often works hard to improve himself.

For example, when talking about his “Golden Maknae” title in BTS’s docu-series Break the Silence, Jungkook said, according to PinkVilla, “People call me the Golden Maknae, but that’s not how I feel, so I have to try harder to make myself appear that way. After all that time since my debut, I think finally I’m trying really hard.”

Speaking to Japan’s Fanclub Magazine, Suga also noted that Jungkook has a competitive personality and often wants to excel at any task he takes on.