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The 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards were held on Dec. 4 at the Nagoya Dome in Japan. At MAMA, BTS won nine awards, including four grand prizes known as Daesangs. With this, BTS broke three different records in one night.

BTS Daesang
BTS | Jun Sato/WireImage

BTS became the artists with the most Daesangs in history

At MAMA, BTS took home nine awards. In the general field, the group won Best Male Group, Qoo10 Favorite Male Artist, Best Music Video, Best Dance Performance Male Group, and Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10. The song “Song Request” with Lee Sora featuring Suga also won Best Collaboration.

The other four awards BTS won were Daesangs. BTS won Album of the Year, Worldwide Icon of the Year, Song of the Year, and Artist of the Year. The group won Album of the Year early on in the awards show, and they won the Worldwide Icon of the Year award midway through the show.

After winning the Worldwide Icon of the Year award, BTS became the artists with the most MAMA Daesangs ever recorded. In their acceptance speech for Worldwide Icon of the Year, RM thanked ARMY for their worldwide status.

“ARMY, make some noise! Look at this award. This is for you guys!” He said. “You guys gave us this title, you guys gave us the world. This year we released an album called Persona, and our persona is all made by you guys.”

By the end of 2019 MAMA, BTS officially has 37 Daesangs. This makes BTS the artists with the most Daesangs in history. BTS won their first Daesang in 2016. In 2019 alone, BTS won 20 Daesangs.

BTS became the first artists to sweep MAMA and MMA

At 2019 MAMA, BTS won all four Daesangs, making their night a clean sweep. On Dec. 4, BTS became the first artists in history to ever win all four Daesangs at MAMA in one night. After BTS won Artist of the Year, Suga told the crowd how hard BTS worked in 2019.

“Thank you, ARMY. 2019 was an intense year in which we worked really hard. Last year at MAMA, the members were crying, and we ran hard with the intention of working hard and doing our best,” he said. “In the past year, we’ve improved more and became stronger. Thank you, ARMY.”

On Nov. 30, the Korean group had another clean sweep and won all four Daesangs at the Melon Music Awards. Within less than one week, BTS won eight Daesangs. The group also became the first artists to ever consecutively have a clean sweep of Daesangs at both MAMA and MMA in the same year.

ARMY celebrated BTS’s achievements

In one night, BTS broke three different records. They became the artists with the most Daesangs in history, the most MAMA Daesangs, and the first artists to sweep the MMA and MAMA Daesangs in the same year.

BTS debuted in 2013, but they did not win their first Daesang until 2016. Now in 2019, BTS has more Daesangs than any other artist. After the awards show, BTS fans celebrated how far the group has come since their debut.


“3 years ago bts won their first daesang, now they’re the ONLY artist to SWEEP all 4 daesangs at both MMA & MAMA,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Bts got all four Daesangs AGAIN Now if this ain’t legend behavior then I don’t know what else is,” one fan tweeted.

“just a reminder that they are bulletproof. and they won 8 daesangs in a week. yes. thank you bye! #BTSDaesangAllKill@BTS_twt,” tweeted a fan.