BTS Members Admit to What They Are Each Bad at

BTS has many adoring fans around the world. These fans admire the members and can think of all kinds of compliments about them.

However, the BTS members are still humans like everybody else, which means they have flaws. BTS recently sat down together to be honest about some of their individual shortcomings.

BTS | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The BTS members have many good traits

A lot of fans are probably well aware of the many good traits the BTS members have.

For example, they are extremely hard-working. Ever since they were trainees, BTS has dedicated a tremendous amount of time to their craft. This is what allows them to consistently release amazing songs and hold flawless performances for fans.

Additionally, BTS often shows appreciation for people who support them. They have talked positively about their parents, the CEO of their company, and their fans. BTS also gives back to their community and the world by donating to worthy causes and promoting positive messages.

BTS reveals their individual flaws

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The BTS members are often viewed positively by many people, but that does not mean they are perfect. During the latest episode of their long-running reality show, Run BTS!, each person opened up about some of their shortcomings.

For example, despite their history of working hard as singers, both Jungkook and V admitted that they can be quite lazy. Jungkook shared he lacks patience for activities he is not good at, and V said he procrastinates and gives up easily.

Meanwhile, Suga revealed his flaw is a frequent lack of energy.“My concentration level has decrease now,” he said. “I’m physically weak… My energy level plummets like the bear market.”

Jimin, on the other hands, explained he has a tendency to make blunt remarks. However, V also pointed out that Jimin has been working to improve this behavior.

For Jin, his perceived shortcoming is that his brain isn’t complicated. He said, “I am simple. I don’t think deeply… I tend to deal with things easily.” His fellow members agreed and commented that this could be seen as a strength as well.

When it came time for RM to confess his flaw, he shared something unexpected for the leader of BTS: He is still immature in some ways. According to RM, he doesn’t have a driver’s license, can’t cook, and doesn’t have “the vitality you need in life.”

The members had a hard time coming up with J-Hope’s flaws

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J-Hope was the last person to talk about what he could be lacking. Before he could speak, however, the members chimed in to share he does not have flaws.

Something similar happened in a 2017 episode of Run BTS!. The members complained about each other for fun, but Jungkook had a hard time finding mean things to say about J-Hope.

In the recent episode, J-Hope shared that he believes his flaw is the differences between his stage persona and his real-life self.

“I am bright and I always smile when I’m outside,” J-Hope confessed. “But I look very different at home. Maybe it’s because I laugh too much when I’m outside. At home, my face looks dull.”

The members pointed out that J-Hope’s quietness is also a cause for concerns to his parents, and making one’s parents worry could be considered a flaw.