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On Jan. 17, 2020, this award-winning K-pop group released a music video that made some fans even more excited for their next album, Map of the Soul: 7. Will the BTS members appear in a music video for their recently-released song, “Black Swan?” When will they perform it live? Here’s what we know about this K-pop group and their latest music, created for Map of the Soul: 7.

Musical group BTS performs onstage during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards
Musical group BTS performs onstage during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

BTS’ upcoming album, to be released during February 2020, is entitled ‘Map of the Soul: 7’

This group is back and better than ever, releasing their first album of 2020. Map of the Soul: 7, released in conjunction with their 2019 album, Map of the Soul: Persona, has hues of sky blue and yellow. This album premieres Feb. 21, 2020.

Until then, the group released a “map,” containing the release schedule for music videos like “Interlude: Shadow” and “Black Swan.” These songs contain pretty heavy and deep meanings, especially in their music videos.

The group, BTS, is releasing a few songs ahead of ‘Map of the Soul: 7’

Step aside, “Boy With Luv,” there’s a new YouTube video ready to break records. Days after the Suga’s featured comeback trailer, “Interlude: Shadow,” BTS dropped the first song from Map of the Soul: 7, entitled “Black Swan.” This video, released on Jan. 17, 2020, functions as an art film, featuring MN Dance Company.

Within a few days, the art film for “Black Swan” jumped to one of the top trending spots on YouTube, earning over 17 million plays and 2 million likes from BTS fans. The group also released a video of just the song on YouTube, with the album cover art. However, some fans wonder if BTS will make an official music video to accompany thing song.

BTS will perform ‘Black Swan’ live on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’

Presumably, this art film will act as the music video for “Black Swan.” Additionally, BTS released “Black Swan” just a few hours after the website for “Connect, BTS” launched. With 22 art installations in over 5 cities, this project aims to “redefine the relationships between art and music, the material and immaterial, artists and their audiences, artists and artists, theory and practice.”

There may not be another music video for “Black Swan.” However, fans can hear (and see) more of “Black Swan,” thanks to the group’s upcoming appearances. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, “The group will take part in iHeartRadio LIVE with BTS on Jan. 27. The event is an exclusive interview where they will discuss their upcoming album with 102.7 KIIS FM’s JoJo Wright.”

This takes place only one day after the 2020 Grammy Awards and will presumably include some impressive choreography from the boys. However, the first time that BTS will perform “Black Swan” live is on The Late Late Show with James Corden Jan. 28. Some fans also hope that BTS could do their own version of “Carpool Karaoke” or “Crosswalk: The Musical,” however, it’s unclear what this television performance will bring.

Music by BTS, including the recently-released song, “Black Swan,” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major streaming platforms. Map of the Soul: 7 premieres on Feb. 21, 2020.