BTS: Only 2 Members Would Rather Text Than Call Someone

In recent decades, texting and calling have been made extremely easy, and a divide has been created between different people with their preferred methods of communications. Even in BTS, the members cannot agree on whether texting or calling is better. In fact, most of the group prefers to call someone, though there are two members who would much rather text.

BTS | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

The members of BTS have very different personalities

The members of BTS have in common their love for music and desire to work hard at their job. However, they vary in age and life experience, so the members also have different personality traits.

Fans who have watched many videos of BTS probably know full well that some members are more outgoing than others. Some prefer to think before they say anything while others often speak their minds. Some also look at situations logically while others go with their intuitions and gut feelings. BTS’s MBTI types also give insights into their preferences on spontaneity as well as whether they are big-picture thinkers or detail-oriented problem solvers.

Despite their differences, BTS has been able to stay together for many years now. Of course, this was not easy when BTS first started working together. Yet, over time, the members have learned how to manage their sometimes-conflicting views.

J-Hope shared with Paper Magazine in 2019, “There was a time when we fought each other quite a bit because we all came from different backgrounds and our personalities were so different. But we were able to overcome that after frequently talking to each other and living together for a long time. We now know what each of us are thinking just by looking at each other.”

Only 2 BTS members would rather text than call someone

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BTS’s differences can also be seen whenever the members have to pick between two choices. When they played “This or That” with SiriusXM in early December, the members were given a choice between texting and talking on the phone with someone. Only 2 members—Jungkook and Jin—chose to text.

“Talking on the phone is scary,” Jin explained.

Meanwhile, RM shared that he thinks texting is “bad” and Jimin said that texting is “bothersome.”

However, it is important to note that Suga is absent from the video, so it is not clear what his preference is.

BTS sometimes have trouble with fans discovering their phone numbers

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Regardless of whether they choose to text or call someone, the BTS members are extremely famous, which means they sometimes run into problems of random people discovering their phone numbers.

For example, in June 2019, Jungkook received a call from what seemed to be a fan in the middle of a live stream. Jungkook quickly blocked the number and shared that he does not answer calls from numbers he does not recognize.

“If someone is calling to see if it’s my phone number, I immediately block that number,” he said. “Stalker fans call me a lot, so I have to block them.”