BTS Reveals They Are ‘Grateful’ for the Recent Success But ‘So Sad at the Same Time’

It’s hard to go anywhere on the internet without encountering BTS. The group has been achieving immense success in the past few years. They even reached new milestones during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As expected, BTS has shown a lot of appreciation for everything they have accomplished recently. However, the members are “sad” as well.

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BTS has accomplished a lot during the pandemic

The pandemic has put a stop to many activities in the music industry. For BTS, it also meant a postponement of their world tour.

Yet, BTS still tried to produce content for their fans as much as possible. In June, the group put on a virtual concert called Bang Bang Con The Live. It was viewed concurrently by over 756,000 people, making it the most-viewed virtual concert by far.

In August, BTS released their first English-language single, “Dynamite.” Within the first 24 hours, “Dynamite” broke multiple records on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. The song ended up charting at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it BTS’s first track to have achieved such a feat.

Why BTS are ‘grateful but sad at the same time’

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BTS have expressed a lot of gratefulness for being able to accomplish so much in their career. However, the group cannot help but also feel “sad” for not getting to see their fans during the pandemic.

“It feels like real, but still like a little unreal at the same time because we cannot meet our fans, we cannot go to some kind of award or performance,” leader RM told Reuters. “It’s like, we’re so grateful but … we’re so sad at the same time.”

In August, BTS shared how “frustrating” it was for them to cancel their world tour back it the spring.

Rapper Suga said, as reported by Popcrush, “It made us feel very powerless and it was frustrating. These were things we couldn’t change even if we tried… It felt like we were running this whole time and suddenly we tripped and had fallen. We were sad that we couldn’t meet our fans.”

What’s next for BTS?

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BTS seems to be at the height of their career, so it does not look like the group will be slowing down any time soon.

As BTS has been documenting on YouTube, the group has been working on new music during the pandemic. They will be releasing an album sometime in the near future.

Additionally, in October, BTS will host a concert event called MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E. It will take place over the course of two days and include both an offline and an online performance.

Finally, fans who want more BTS in their lives can anticipate the release of their new mobile game called BTS Universe Story. It follows the release of their previous game, BTS World, in June 2019. As reported by GameStop, BTS Universe Story will come out on Sept. 24.