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BTS is one of the world’s biggest musical acts. The group members have made millions of dollars in the past few years and even bought luxurious homes.

However, BTS actually came from humble beginnings. The members used to all live together in a cramped dorm and can now share some interesting stories from those days. 

BTS sitting at interview
BTS | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for SiriusXM

BTS’ dorms have changed throughout the years

Fans can sometimes see BTS’s living situations in videos they post online. Because of this, fans have been able to track the changes in their dorms throughout the years.

When the group first debuted in 2013, they shared a small apartment in which all the members slept in the same room, as detailed by Koreaboo. After getting more popularity, BTS upgraded to progressively bigger and nicer apartments. From 2015 to 2017, their places had enough space to allow the members to share rooms with just one or two people instead of everyone sleeping in the same room.

In late 2018, BTS achieved more popularity internationally and subsequently moved to their current dorm. It is part of an exclusive complex called Hannam THE HILL. The neighborhood has various other South Korean celebrities living in it, so it comes with top-notch security.

In addition to their official dorm, many of the BTS members have their own apartments as well. 

BTS lived with other young people during their trainee days

BTS still remembers the days when they did not have much. During a recent appearance on the South Korean show You Quiz On the Block, the members shared behind-the-scenes details of living in a cramped space together.

RM explained that, when they were trainees, the members lived in a two-bedroom place with as many as nine people. He said, “For the BTS team, the company provided a dorm for those who came from outside of Seoul. The candidates for that team lived in the dorm and left (when they dropped out).”

He revealed that the trainees—who were all teenage boys—“shared almost everything,” including clothes, one computer, and one bathroom.

BTS also talks about sleeping in one bedroom together 


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During another part of the show, J-Hope and Jungkook talked about living together in one bedroom after their debut.

“I think the most difficult thing was everyone sleeping in one room,” J-Hope said. “It was so suffocating at night.”

Because of this, J-Hope is happy about the group’s career success. Now they each have their own room in the dorm.

Jungkook also recalled the pain of living in a cramped space. Being the youngest member, he was the last person to wash up at night. The other members would be asleep by then, and Jungkook had to be extremely careful when moving around in the room.

Living in a dorm with several people is a common occurrence for K-pop groups, especially rookie ones. It seems these experiences have made BTS more appreciative of what they have now.