BTS: Suga Was So Dedicated to Music as a High School Student That He Would Stay Up Until Dawn to Write Songs

BTS’s Suga is one of the group’s main songwriters, and his talent for songwriting goes all the way back to when he was young. In high school, Suga was already showing signs of being a dedicated musician. In fact, he was so engrossed with music that he would stay up late to work on this hobby.

BTS Suga
BTS’s Suga | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Suga’s high school teacher once revealed he was a rule follower

In late 2019, Korean news outlet Daily News visited Suga’s former middle and high school in his hometown of Daegu. There, various people who once knew him gave insights into what Suga was like as a student.

One high school teacher, in particular, revealed that Suga was a student who never caused trouble in class. Teacher Kwon Jae Hwan, who taught Suga during the rapper’s first year at school, shared, “Yoongi [Suga’s real name] never violated the rules of the school. Since it was the old era and it was a boy’s private school, the dress code and hair rules were very strict.”

Kwon continued, “But he has never violated them, giving excuses that he’s doing music or anything like that.”

Suga was dedicated to music as a high school student

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Speaking of music, Kwon noticed Suga’s musical ambitions as well. Kwon revealed that Suga started attending a music school during the second semester of his first year in high school.

And Kwon also remembered something about Suga’s passion for music: “He would stay awake until dawn to study composition.”

Over the years, Suga also revealed he had a part-time job at a recording studio while in high school. He wasn’t paid for the work he did, but he was allowed to make music. It’s likely that this is what Kwon was referring to.

Suga also struggled financially in order to pursue a music career

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Suga signed with Big Hit Entertainment when he was in his late teens. He moved to Seoul and worked part-time as a delivery person to pay for his tuition while training with the entertainment company. Suga struggled financially, and there was even a time when he had to choose between buying food and taking the bus home.

Suga’s struggle came to an end when he injured himself during the part-time job. According to Koreaboo, he recalled, “I had the accident when I was delivering on a motorcycle. When I opened my eyes, I could see the wheels right in front of me. I got dragged into the wheels and couldn’t move because my shoulder was dislocated.”

After that incident, Big Hit began paying for his expenses so he no longer had to work part-time.

Nowadays, Suga is in one of the most popular music groups in the world. His net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. Suga’s hard work seems to have paid off and it’s clear he has come a long way from his teenage days.