BTS: These 2 Members Fight the Most in the Group

The BTS members seem to get along extremely well. Fans who have watched their many videos can see that they often make each other laugh and have enjoyable conversations. It’s no surprise that BTS has been able to stay together for over seven years.

However, even in the closest of families, conflicts can still occur. And in BTS, there are two members who seem to fight more often than others.

BTS | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

V and Jimin apparently fight the most in BTS

V and Jimin are same-age friends who went to the same high school together. Yet, despite their similarities, the two of them have been known to clash a lot.

In a recent interview with Esquire, Suga revealed that V and Jimin fight the most in the group. However, V disagreed with that, saying, “We haven’t fought in three years!”

Regardless of how often they actually fight now, it seems their history of clashing has given V and Jimin’s relationship a bit of a reputation.

V and Jimin once fought over dumplings

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When BTS appeared on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series, the group mentioned that V and Jimin once fought over dumplings. They did not go over the specifics of the fight then, but Jimin eventually shared what happened during a live stream a month later.

After fans pressed him to talk about it, Jimin revealed that a few years ago he and V apparently fought because they could not agree on when to eat dumplings. V wanted to eat them right away, but Jimin wanted to wait.

“It was just between that we eat it now or later,” he shared. “’We’re here to practice. Let’s eat after practice.’ ‘No, I’m hungry. Let’s eat and practice.’”

He continued, “We fought and the other members asked us to leave. So we left the practice room and kept arguing. ‘If we did as what I said, we would not have fought each other like this,’ I said. ‘No, you’re so mean to say like that,’ he said.”

The other members eventually tried to help them calm down. Jimin admitted that it took him hours to eventually settle things with V. Looking back, he sees the incident as “funny” and is “embarrassed” that they even fought like that.

“It’s ridiculous, right? But at the time it was very important to us,” he said. “You can relate to this if you also have friends. Sometimes you get stubborn with your friends. And it gets hard to say things like ‘Okay,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ or ‘Thank you.’”

How Jimin and V became closer

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During the live stream, Jimin also revealed that back then he and V fought over “everything.” For example, he would get mad if he was watching his diet and V was eating next to him. They also had arguments when one person woke up late.

Eventually, Jimin and V came to spend more time together, which allowed them to grow closer.

“When we have a hard time, we talked a lot with each other,” Jimin shared. “It took a long time for us to change… maybe about 4 and a half years since our debut. Since then, whenever we say something like ‘Why don’t you do it like this?’, we started responding with ‘Okay.’ At some point, we started doing that so naturally. We started saying ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ to each other.”

Jimin also admitted that he now appreciates V because the two of them are the same age in BTS, which is something special they have together.