BTS: Which Member Has the Most Piercings?

BTS is the kind of group whose popularity isn’t just big – it’s a movement. This K-pop boy band reached out to their fans through social media from their very first days as a group, and that connection shows. Their legion of followers is so devoted that they’re known as ARMY, which stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth. 

ARMY can’t get enough of BTS, so they study and share everything they can about the members. This kind of devotion means they don’t let a single detail pass them by. 

How many piercings each member has is one example of the kind of questions ARMY has about their favorite group. Here’s a look at who has the most, and who has the fewest.

This fan-favorite is No. 1

BTS in Times Square in New York
BTS in New York | Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Jungkook has been named the No. 1 K-pop star by Tumblr for two years in a row. It turns out that he’s on the top not only in terms of popularity but also in the number of piercings he has. 

A close study BTS photos and videos show that Jungkook has at least seven piercings. That number may be as high as nine, but it’s hard to tell for certain. He once wore two helix piercings and it wasn’t clear if those used one or two holes each. 

But whether he has seven or nine, he still has more than any of the others. 

How the other members stack up

The total number of piercings BTS members have is probably 26 or 28. Here’s how those numbers break down by person.

RM opts for a simple look with two piercings, one on each side. He usually wears hoops, keeping the look casual. 

Suga used to have seven, but two cartilage piercings have closed up, which leaves him with five.

Jimin has five, but his total is hard to track down because he often wears different numbers of earrings. 

V also has five, although he got fans’ hopes up once when the band released photos that showed him with a lip ring. To much disappointment, he later told them that it was fake.

Jin only has two, and both of them are on the right side. He generally wears smaller, less flashy earrings, or even none at all. 

J-Hope probably has the most surprising number of piercings, with a grand total of zero. He prefers it that way and once said, “I love my ears so much. I want them to remain the pure, natural way that they are.”

ARMY will be on alert for updates

Of course, BTS is known for changing their looks, whether that means different color hair or different kinds of earrings. If any of the members decide to get more piercings, ARMY will be the first to notice. But how did this massive online fan group come to be?

When BTS first made their way onto the music scene, their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, was pretty small and didn’t have the financial backing to really promote the band. To get the word out, they made a deliberate effort to reach out to fans on social media. This forged a connection between BTS and their followers that made ARMY a huge part of BTS’s success.

Loyal ARMY will stream new BTS songs over and over to help them break records. They will spend huge amounts of money and hours to support their favorite K-pop crew. BTS frequently shows their appreciation for these devoted supporters, making it clear that they know they wouldn’t be where they are today without them. 

ARMY has followed BTS into uncharted areas of success, and they’re sure to follow wherever they may go next. Whether that means more earrings or if V goes ahead and gets a lip ring, ARMY will be right behind them all.