BTS’s Youngest Member Jungkook Has Some Interesting Sleeping Habits

From the beginning, BTS has built their popularity on being open and accessible to fans. With their countless videos and social media posts, BTS has let followers in on many private details of their personal lives and careers. This means many people are able to know some interesting tidbits about the group.

For example, thanks to several videos and pictures BTS has uploaded, fans have learned that member Jungkook has a few unique sleeping habits.

BTS Jungkook
BTS’s Jungkook | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp

BTS’s Jungkook used to sleep on towels instead of a pillow

The first fascinating piece of information about Jungkook’s nightly routine is the fact that, apparently, he did not used to own a pillow until recently. Fans found out about this in November 2019 when an episode of BANGTANTV was released.

During the episode, BTS visited BTS Pop-Up: House of BTS in Seoul, where BTS merchandise was sold. At the end of the episode, the members gathered to share what they had bought.

Jungkook revealed he had bought a pillow, and the other members were surprised. “I don’t have a pillow at home,” he shared before also letting fans and his bandmates in how he usually slept. “I roll up towels.”

Jungkook also has a unique sleeping position

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Several months later, it seemed Jungkook finally had a pillow. However, fans also noticed something interesting about his sleeping position. As reported by Allkpop, based on photos and videos released over the years, fans pointed out that Jungkook has a habit of sleeping with his legs crossed.

Although many people thought this was really cute, others also shared some concerns for BTS’s youngest member’s health.

“This unique posture is making fans laugh for reminding them of a tired Korean dad sleeping, but fans are also concerned that this sleeping posture may be bad for Jungkook’s legs after the post also highlighted a clip from an expert who explained that it could be bad for your joints,” Allkpop wrote.

Suga once revealed the other members’ sleeping positions

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Jungkook’s preferred sleeping position seems well-known among the other members as well. During a fansign event, a fan once asked rapper Suga to draw out the BTS members’ various sleeping positions, as reported by Koreaboo. Of course, Jungkook was depicted with a picture of someone crossing their legs.

According to Suga, RM sleeps with his whole body underneath a blanket, though his head is often sticking out. Meanwhile, Jin sleeps with one arm underneath his head. Suga and Jin usually lie on their sides with their legs curled up.  V cuddles a pillow (or, sometimes, another member). Finally, J-Hope was not given a sleeping position, but Suga noted that J-Hope often talks in his sleep.