BTS’s J-Hope Thinks These 2 Members Inspire Him the Most

BTS is made up of seven members who have been together for around 10 years now. They trained together for a few years before debuting in 2013 as BTS. It’s not surprising, then, that the members of BTS have done a lot to influence one another. For example, J-Hope once revealed the two members that he finds the most inspiring.

BTS J-Hope
BTS’s J-Hope | JTBC PLUS/Imazins via Getty Images

J-Hope finds RM and Suga the most inspiring

When BTS celebrated their debut anniversary in June 2018, the group had a meal together where they discussed various topics. In one instance, the members were asked to each name someone in the group who inspired them the most. J-Hope chose fellow rappers RM and Suga.

“When I first joined the company, the members [I found the most inspiring] were RM and Suga,” he said. “They gave me the biggest help when I started to rap, and they’ve proven themselves to be very helpful. They led the way for me to do better in music.”

BTS’s rappers are an extremely accomplished bunch. They are highly involved in writing BTS’s songs and have even released solo music as well.

Jin thinks Jimin is the most inspiring

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Aside from J-Hope, Jin was another member who decided to share who inspired him. He chose Jimin because of how hard Jimin works.

“I’d have to say Jimin has given me the biggest influence,” Jin shared, adding that whenever he is tired, he looks at the endlessly-hard-working Jimin and finds inspiration to keep going.

In fact, Suga talked about Jimin’s work ethic in BTS’s 2016 debut anniversary celebration as well. That year, Suga said, “Jimin does not know what giving up means. He pours his best into everything he does and that makes me feel proud. Watching him go fuels my passion as well.”

In an interview with Japan’s Haru Hana Magazine in 2014, J-Hope also praised Jimin’s hard-working nature. He said, according to a fan translation, “I think Jimin is very awesome. How should I say it… He always lacked 2% in everything. It was a concern whether he could stay in the group. But now as everyone can see, he dances very well and also has a powerful presence on stage. It’s a result you only get from working hard.”

Jimin’s work ethic has been the source of awe even for people who are not BTS members. For example, Jinbo, one of the group’s producers, said in an interview, “Jimin is one of the most hard-working people I have ever met. I consider his self-discipline and work ethic as his unique talent.”

Jimin says all the members have inspired each other in one way or another

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However, when it was Jimin’s turn to talk, he did not choose one member. Instead, he shared that everyone has influenced each other in some ways.

“I think the other members would feel the same about this,” Jimin said. “I’m sure everyone’s been inspiring one another. When I was asked to join the team, I knew I had to work really hard. That’s what motivated me.”