BTS’s Jungkook Had an Insightful Response When a Fan Asked If He Believed in Destiny

Many people are fascinated with the concept of destiny. That is why plenty of movies around the world have been made about unknown forces that control humans’ lives.

A fan once asked BTS’s Jungkook about this subject. The fan was curious to know if he believed in destiny, and Jungkook gave an insightful response.

BTS Jungkook
BTS Jungkook | THE FACT/Imazins via Getty Images

What Jungkook said when a fan asked him about destiny

In June 2019, Jungkook had a live stream in a hotel room, and a fan asked him, “Do you believe in destiny?”

Jungkook revealed that he does and shared his reasoning, saying, “To be honest, I think a person’s life is all planned out.”

“First of all, I’ve had a lot of déjà vu dreams,” he shared. “They’re not blurry at all. What I see in my dreams, I see in real life. I’m not lying; I’m telling you the truth… It has happened to me many times.”

He also added, “I think a person’s life is all planned out because… for example, when you’re doing something, in that moment you might think, ‘Can I change my future?’ Then, you act differently from what you were going to do. But you changing your move, that was planned out already.”

Additionally, Jungkook admitted that he believes his future “has all been set.”

A fortune teller once looked at Jungkook’s destiny

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For those, like Jungkook, also believe in destiny, a fortune teller once looked at BTS’s fortune and identified what could be coming for each member.

In a video posted in December 2019, the teller shared that he believed Jungkook’s fate for that year was not good. Additionally, he might continue to run into bad luck for the next couple of years, such as scandals that come from him speaking his mind.

In 2020, Jungkook did run into a scandal, though it was not from him being outspoken. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Jungkook and a few idol friends visited a busy area in Seoul instead of social distancing. Although he did not test positive for COVID-19, he did release an apology letter to fans detailing how “deeply regretful” he was for shirking health guidelines.

Suga once said he believes BTS was destined to be together

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Another person in BTS who seems to also believe in destiny is Suga. In BTS’s docu-series Break the Silence, Suga shared that the members of BTS fit so well together, it’s hard for him to not believe they were destined in some way to be together.

“Even if I had put a team together myself,” he said, according to Koreaboo. “it wouldn’t have worked out this well.”

He added, “When you travel, there are some people you travel with from the start, and some you meet along the way. I think the reasons would all be different. Whether it was done voluntarily or not, we started our journey together… ‘Could there have been a better match? We must have been destined to meet.’ I think that a lot.”