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Jungkook is one of BTS’s main singers, which means his career depends heavily on his vocal abilities. Like many singers, Jungkook constantly works hard to improve his singing skills. Interestingly, he has found one unique method for achieving this task.

BTS's Jungkook
BTS’s Jungkook | Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

BTS’s Jungkook has been praised for his singing skills

In 2016, Jungkook appeared on King of Masked Singer (the Korean version of The Masked Singer), he received a lot of praise for his singing skills.

“Although very emotional, he doesn’t go too far as he maintains balance with his simple and pure vocals,” two critics said, according to Koreaboo. “His detailed breaths and vibrations have just the perfect mix in creating his own space… When singing BTS songs as well as others songs, he continues to maintain his own style of voice… He is truly a special vocalist who creates his own definition of what it means to sing well.”

Jungkook sometimes sings karaoke to improve his singing skills

In 2018, Jungkook revealed during a live stream that one way he improves his singing skills is by singing karaoke alone. In South Korea and many East Asian countries, karaoke establishments are very popular. They are also affordable, and anyone can rent a room to sing karaoke in either alone or with friends.

“I want to go to a karaoke room,” Jungkook said. “It really helps you to improve your singing skills because you don’t have to worry about what others think. I usually go alone and sing any songs I want.”

Jungkook also noted that, when he goes to sing karaoke, he won’t share his location with fans. However, if anyone happens to recognize him, he will say hi.

Jungkook is still really shy about singing in front of people


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Despite being a lauded singer, Jungkook is still not confident when singing in front of others.

When Jungkook first started training with Big Hit Entertainment, CEO Bang Si-hyuk did not know if he could even debut because he was so shy.

“When Jungkook was a trainee, he couldn’t sing when we asked him to,” Bang said in an interview with Korean news outlet OSEN. “He just twisted his body for 15 minutes and was very shy. He didn’t have much talent, so the company questioned if he could even debut.”

Jungkook’s stage presence has improved a lot, and these days he can be found performing to hundreds of thousands of fans. However, he still gets nervous when having to sing in front of a small group of people.

“I don’t get nervous at all when singing in front of tens of thousands of people, but I get nervous when I have to talk or sing front of a small group of people,” he told Big Hit’s Weverse Magazine.

Fortunately, Jungkook found that he can try to tackle these issues one step at a time. He admitted that he had made a lot of progress so far, saying, “I grow and my personality changes depending on the environment, so little by little I’ve been able to do some things I once found difficult.”