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Some celebrities have a reputation for being rude and arrogant, especially toward service workers. However, it seems BTS’s Jungkook is not one of these famous people. An airport employee once shared the story of how Jungkook reacted when she accidentally called him by the wrong name. Instead of getting angry, he responded to her in a sweet way.

BTS's Jungkook
BTS’s Jungkook | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp

An airport employee once shared what happened when she got Jungkook’s name wrong

In October 2020, an airport employee shared the story of her interaction with BTS at her workplace. She was reportedly not a fan of the group at the time, but she became smitten by them and ended up joining the ARMY.

According to Koreaboo, the airport employee revealed that she called BTS’s youngest member “Jin Jungkook” instead of his real name, “Jeon Jungkook.” When she realized her mistake, she apologized to him.

“I read his name wrong and when I looked up at him in panic, he was just smiling at me with sparkly eyes,” she said.

In response, Jungkook told her, “It’s okay.”

J-Hope was described as being very friendly

The airport employee also talked about the other members, though she did not seem to interact with them in such a significant way. However, she did mention share that J-Hope was very friendly from her interaction with him—something that confirmed many fans’ knowledge about him.

“He asked me if he needed to take off his glasses as well and that one line made me feel that he was a good person with great manners,” she recalled. “Due to my job, I often see celebrities but he’s the first that took off his mask and glasses before I asked. His gaze and vibes as a whole is really friendly and amiable. If happy energy was a person, it would be him.”

BTS’s chemistry was reportedly the same in real life as in their videos


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The airport employee also took note of how the BTS members acted while not working as K-pop idols.

First off, she thought it was “cute” how these international superstars seemed amused by the security camera and the fact that they could see themselves on a screen it was connected to.

In the English translation of her post, the employee also said that their interactions with each other showed her that they had good chemistry, as seen in their videos and reality shows.

“They looked really happy talking to each other,” she wrote. “Even after I watched things like Bangtan Bomb, Run BTS, etc, I just found out that they were the same as what I saw that day. Of course, I might not know all of them, but I could just feel it.”

She also affirmed that out of all the celebrities she met while working at the airport, the BTS members were “the most famous people and the most polite people as well.”