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Like many other K-pop groups, the members of BTS have dyed their hair numerous colors. However, Jungkook has usually kept things simple with dark hair in either black or brown (and the occasional red hair or blue highlights). Recently, though, Jungkook shocked fans when he dyed his hair a bright blond color. He even gave a funny reason for this change.

BTS's Jungkook
BTS’s Jungkook | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp

Jungkook recently showed of his blond hair at the Golden Disc Awards

On Jan. 9, BTS appeared at the Golden Disc Awards in South Korea, where they took home four prizes. Additionally, Jungkook wowed fans at the event by showing off his blond locks.

“That blond on Jungkook looks amazing,” one person said on Reddit.

 Another person wrote, “Is Jungkook blonde??? I never thought I’d see the day. He’s been blonde before, but not like this!”

Jungkook had come close to having blond hair in the past. For example, when he graduated high school in 2017, he had very light brown hair that looked blond in bright lighting. In 2019, he also sported blond highlights at a concert in Japan.

His recent hair is the clearest blond that fans have ever seen, which of course, made social media blow up. His appearance at the Golden Disc Awards also coincided with “Jungkook Day,” a day he made up himself in 2019 and has been celebrated by fans since. As such, according to Allkpop, various Jungkook-related hashtags trended worldwide to celebrate the special day as well as Jungkook going blond.

Jungkook reveals the funny reason why he dyed his hair blond

In an interview after their wins, Jungkook talked about the event as well as why he chose to dye his hair blond.

“It’s our last time participating in an award ceremony in South Korea this year,” he said. “So I dyed my hair gold for ‘Golden Disc.’”

RM, then, clarified that Jungkook dyed his hair in hopes of winning many awards.

Funnily enough, RM had silver hair, and the most prestigious prize at the Golden Disc Awards is the Daesang, which is represented by a silver statue. Because of this, J-Hope asked RM if he also dyed his hair silver to get the Daesang.

Other BTS members have dyed their hair various colors                              


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While Jungkook has often played it safe with his hair colors, the other BTS members have been more bold. For example, RM, V, and Jimin, in particular, have dyed their hair practically all colors of the rainbow. From orange to green to purple, it seems like there isn’t a color these members won’t try at least once.

Because some colors require bleaching (the members all have naturally black hair, after all), it seems BTS has spent an exorbant amount of time at hair salons. According to Koreaboo, a hairstylist who has worked with BTS shared that the members, indeed, sit in salon chairs a lot. They often play games and watch YouTube videos to pass the time.