Caitlyn Jenner Had a Succesful Racing Career After the Olympics

Of all the celebrities in today’s publicity stratosphere, only a few manage to prove success in more than one industry, or with one talent. Sure, there are plenty of actors who cross over into music success and vice versa. It’s not uncommon for professional athletes to later become announcers and commentators. But an even more select few cross over into multiple, unrelated industries. There’s only one well-known figure out there who is a former Olympic athlete, a gender equality figurehead, and a professional race car driver. Caitlyn Jenner has achieved this fame as a decathlete, in social awareness, and yes, even on the track.

Caitlyn Jenner smiling next to a purple car
Caitlyn Jenner | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Who is Caitlyn Jenner?

Caitlyn Jenner is a celebrity icon, first earning fame as an Olympic athlete and beloved track and field contender in the ’70s. Since then, Jenner has been a motivational speaker, reality tv star, and television sports commentator. Caitlyn Jenner, more recently, has enjoyed appearances with her family on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She has six children in total, from three previous relationships with Chrystie Crownover, Linda Thompson, and Kris Jenner. Her children include Burt, Cassandra (Cassie), Brandon, Brody, Kendall, and Kylie. She has written several books about her life experiences and transition, including Finding the Champion Within and Decathlon Challenge: Bruce Jenner’s Story. She’s shared in past interviews that her greatest strengths lie within her mental ability, and not her physical ability. 

An unprecedented Olympic athlete

Caitlyn Jenner learned early on that sports and athletic competition was her strong suit. In 1972, Jenner placed tenth at the Munich Games. In 1976, Jenner won the gold medal with a whopping 8,634 points in the decathlon of the Montreal Summer Olympics. Immediately loved by fans, Jenner came home to acclaim and celebrity status. Often labeled as America’s most beloved all-around athlete, Jenner has earned a place in everyone’s hearts. Her gold medal also earned her a coveted spot on the Wheaties box of cereal, known for promoting U.S. athletes and top-notch competitors.

Life as a professional race car driver

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Before the groundbreaking headlines and life-changing events, and after a successful Olympic career, Caitlyn Jenner took to another track. She had mastered a new set of skills behind the wheel of Roush race cars, according to The Things. She competed in both the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Daytona. She won her Sebring class in 1986 and earned a fifth-place rank overall. Even today, Jenner is comfortable going fast and turning left.

A love of the track still today

Caitlyn Jenner can be called an athlete and celebrity, but it seems at her core, she is always a motorhead. Her personal car collection today is impressive and some say is even more substantial than her daughters’ sweet rides, according to Hot Cars. She enjoys classic and vintage models that fans catch her driving out and about in public. Of all her awe-inspiring accomplishments over the years, you’ll also still find her following, watching, and staying in tune with the racing lifestyle.

Most people would consider being a gold medalist at the Olympics would be quite a career. Others would suggest winning races on the Sebring racetrack is plenty of success on its own. For Caitlyn Jenner, both were simply milestones in a life of overarching achievement. With her magazine covers, business ventures, and guest speaking inspiration, she continues to prove success can transcend multiple levels and industries.