Camila Cabello’s ‘Romance’ Album and Tour Are Flopping

Though there has been a ton of anticipation and a major push behind Camila Cabello’s second solo albumRomance, things aren’t looking too hot for the Fifth Harmony alum. Cabello has been in the news for the past several months due to her relationship with fellow singer Shawn Mendes.

The public and the press are clearly heavily interested and invested in the young couple as well as their hit single, “Señorita.” As a result, Cabello has done a whirlwind of pres and she is gearing up for a stadium tour in support of Romance.

Unfortunately, the Romance album and its corresponding tour have hit more than a few snags. In fact, they are turning out to be a full-fledged flop.

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Camila Cabello’s ‘Romance’ album is selling for just $5.99

After being leaked two weeks ahead of schedule — Cabello’s Romance album is officially available to purchase. However, it has been deeply discounted at just $5.99. The discount is an obvious push to get the top spot on the Billboard 200 next week. If you recall– the singer’s first album, Camila Cabello debuted at No. 1 with 119,000 in sales plus streaming (65k in pure sales).

Thus far, Romance is set to debut at No. 3 with just 50k in pure sales. Obviously, with the massive push behind the album and all of the press and promotion that the “Havana” singer has done, this is not at all what she or her team wanted.

Camila Cabello is being accused of stealing from other artists

One of the major blows behind the rollout for Romance has been that Cabello is being accused of flat out ripping off Halsey. In fact, Halsey’s visual designer Garrett Hilliker dragged Cabello’s designer Amber Park for “stealing” from him.

It appears that the aesthetic and the merch surrounding Romance are exactly like Halsey’s and that’s not all. Critics are also calling out the similarities between the album and some of Lana Del Rey’s past work. Things got even stickier when Cabello was accused of directly “ripping off” Marina with “Cry for Me”

Hilliker tweeted, “ima say this again, amber park has been stealing from my hard working friends / designers for years. i don’t play that.” So far, neither Cabello nor her team has addressed the backlash. It also didn’t help that Normani stans highjacked Cabello’s Twitter Q&A with Spotify demanding to know why Cabello called her former band-mate the n-word.

Camila Cabello’s ‘Romance’ tour is in trouble

Along with the lackluster album sales and the rip off accusations — the Romance stadium tour isn’t exactly selling. The tour is set to kick off in Oslo, Norway, on May 26, 2020. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone is all that interested.

“Today we hear the tale of the prospective superstar diva who’s had a couple of massive hits but has discovered to her dismay—and that of her team—that her new tour is in deep trouble,” Hits Daily Double said in a blind item. “Said superstar in waiting has achieved social-network ubiquity and does every TV opp, every radio show, every chance to be in the public eye—if her team had its way, one manager quipped, she’d be at  every envelope opening.”

The arena tour seems a bit too soon, maybe Cabello and her people need to return to the drawing board.