Camilla Belle’s Stylist Is Herself and Her Mom

The growth of pop culture in the past two decades has led to a rise in stylists and the need for them. Many celebrities rely on these fashion aficionados to come up with showstopping red carpet looks. In turn, this gives the stylists a platform to showcase their work. However, a select group of celebrities prefers to go with their gut when choosing red carpet looks. Camilla Belle is one of those stars, as she takes style advice from her mom and herself.

Camilla Belle started her entertainment career in commercials

Belle was born in 1986 to country music performers Jack Wesley Routh and Cristina Gould. During the onset of Belle’s career, she appeared in several TV commercials for well-known brands such as Campbell’s Soup, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals.

She landed her first lead role in Trapped Beneath The Earth in 1992. She later landed minor roles in A Little Princess, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and Adventures In Odyssey. Her performance in the 1998 Sandra Bullock film Practical Magic landed her a Youth In Film Young Artist Award nod.

That same year she appeared in The Patriot and Walker: Texas Ranger. In 2000, she joined the Disney Channel TV film Rip Girls in the lead role. After appearing in Back To The Secret Garden, Belle took a break from acting, returning with The Quiet in 2005.

In 2006, the actor became the face of Vera Wang’s Princess fragrance doing print ads and TV commercials for the company. She completed her contract in 2009. Belle continued her acting career in 2006 by appearing in When a Stranger Calls, 10,000 BC in 2008, Mad Whale in 2017, and 10 Truths About Love in 2022.

Camilla Belle takes styling advice from herself and her mom

Camilla Belle attends the premiere of HBO Documentary Film "Very Ralph" in 2019
Actor Camilla Belle in 2019 | Rich Fury/Getty Images

Belle has a stunning face and has graced several publications due to her style. Her red-carpet looks also don’t disappoint. It’s, therefore, surprising to learn that she doesn’t have a stylist. According to CDN Scooper News, the actor doesn’t see the need for a stylist as she has her mother and grandmother for that.

The publication details that Belle’s mother has been a helpful resource for style inspiration for the actor for a long time. The site quotes her saying, “I have to give a lot of credit to my mom. She has been my stylist and clothes extraordinaire my entire life, so we kind of work on everything together.”

Belle noted that she and her mother take inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor and the old Hollywood glamour on several occasions. The 35-year-old also swears by a tip passed down to her by her grandmother. She said, “My grandma was a really stunning woman, and even when she was almost 80 years old, she would never leave the house without putting on her lipstick.”

Like her nana, Belle never leaves the house without a bit of makeup, sharing that mascara is her favorite item. Belle also noted that her mother helped her take care of her skin, saying that her mom was tough on her about applying sunscreen before leaving the house, but now she does it.

Celebrities who don’t use stylists

Belle isn’t the only star who has no use for a stylist. Mad Men actor January Jones told Donatella Versace in an interview with Elle in 2009 that she doesn’t fancy the idea of paying people to tell her that what she is wearing looks good. She said, “If I don’t feel it myself, why would I wear it.”

On the other hand, Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively feels her control issues and ego are the major reasons she can never employ a stylist. The actor works close with designers to come up with her iconic looks.

Others on the list include Kate Moss, Diane Kruger, and Emmy Rossum.

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