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Camille Grammer from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shared that she will not return to the show.

Grammer, who was a franchise OG, has been on the show only peripherally for the past few years. She appeared as a main cast member for season one and two but then joined the cast as either a friend or a recurring cast member. After her first two explosive seasons, Grammer retreated to deal with personal issues. She and actor Kelsey Grammer divorced. Then she learned she had cancer.

Camille Grammer
Camille Grammer | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

After fighting her way back she was a force on the show during season 10. Although she started out strong and invited the women to her wedding, she ended on a sour note at the reunion. So why does she think she won’t be back?

She insists Kyle Richards made the call

During the reunion, Erika Girardi proclaimed that Kyle Richards, also an OG of the franchise, was the new queen of the series. Lisa Vanderpump was the self-proclaimed queen of the show. But now that she left, Girardi recognized that Richards was the only remaining original cast member, thus suggesting she moves into the role.

Although Richards seemed humble to receive the designation, she may have as much power as a queen. In a revealing Twitter thread, Grammer asserts that Richards made the call not to have her back. When she commented on the new cast members, a fan asked if she was asked back. “I wasn’t asked back. It’s fine. I did my time on the show. And it’s Kyles show.”

Camille Grammer will not be returning to 'RHOBH' and Kyle Richards might be to blame
Camille Grammer will not be returning to ‘RHOBH’ and Kyle Richards might be to blame | Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images / Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Fans might recall that Grammer asked Richards to be in her wedding party. Earlier in the season, Grammer considered Richards to be one of her closest friends too. But when a fan said it was unreal she wasn’t asked back, Grammer shared that Richards made that call. “It was was up to Kyle. I’m really fine,” she wrote. “After the reunion I didn’t want to come back. It was an awful experience.”

She understands the business is rough

The reunion was especially brutal, resulting in the first “wardrobe malfunction” when Grammer tried to remove her mic from her full-length gown. Although she seemed to be on friendly terms with the cast for most of the season, everything went south following the fire that destroyed her Malibu home. She fought bitterly with all the women at a dinner, which was later brought up during the reunion.

After the first reunion installment, Grammer tweeted, “What’s missing in this group #rhobh is the essence of true friendship. You don’t kick someone when their down. You don’t hold them accountable because [they are] are struggle with their personal turmoil.”

She also knew that the cast was coming for her too. “But, this original Housewife is not one to be intimidated by the current ensemble so I picked myself up by my bootstraps and headed into the lion’s den,” she wrote in her blog.  “My sense of dread was confirmed by their looks and churlish laughter. They were coming for me.”  

In her Twitter thread, she acknowledged reality television was a rough business. “It’s a tough business. They eat you up and spit you out.”