Can You Buy Cardi B’s Monogrammed Louis Vuitton Ponytail?

Cardi B is well-known for her outspoken perspectives and bold personality. Never afraid to tell it like she sees it, Cardi B has earned respect and fans without shying away from the controversial. Of course, the rapper has faced criticism for some of her past statements, but she still maintains a level of confidence and authenticity that’s hard to beat. 

Those who are so impressed by the bold rapper that they’d like to emulate her unique sense of style may be wondering where they can get a monogrammed Louis Vuitton ponytail like the artist was recently seen sporting. 

Cardi B on stage singing into a microphone with hair in a half ponytail
Cardi B | Arik McArthur/Getty Images

Cardi B has seen a fast rise to fame

Born as Belcalis Almanzar to a Trinidadian mother and Dominican father, Cardi B has taken the music world by storm. The rapper often makes reference to her neighborhood pride for the South Bronx, where she was born and raised, reports Harper’s Bazaar. As a teenager, Cardi B was working as a cashier in the Amish Market but had her sights set on fame. She got fired from a neighborhood deli at the age of 19, but her manager gave her the “helpful” advice to start stripping instead. Cardi B took him up on the suggestion and lied to her mom by claiming the extra funds were coming from babysitting for rich white people. 

Those seemingly inauspicious beginnings couldn’t hold back the megastar. She used her savings to escape from an abusive relationship and then financed her own rapping career. As a cast member of Love & Hip Hop — where she famously threw a very expensive shoe at a fellow cast member — Cardi B got even more publicity to help her fame take off. Before she managed to make it big with her hit single “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B got internet famous for a Vine video showing off an outfit. Soon after, the single would explode and Cardi B would become the first female solo artist to hit the number one spot since 1998. 

Style is a major part of Cardi B’s life

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Her music is undoubtedly what has made her famous, but Cardi B is equally well-known for her unique sense of style. Stepping out in bold outfits and over-the-top makeup is part of her signature persona, and fans are definitely here for it. The rapper has also been incredibly candid about the way that her looks have factored into her life. She has been very open about getting plastic surgery, a decision she first made at 19 when trying to up her game as an exotic dancer. 

Everything from her tattoos to her clothes screams out her confidence and sense of self. It’s safe to say that Cardi B is a style icon and that many look up to the artist’s ability to pull off bold looks that she makes entirely her own. 

Cardi B’s hair is a point of attention for fans

In particular, fans are very interested in Cardi B’s hair. The rapper is known for constantly changing up the appearance of her ‘do. She often sports wigs and weaves in eye-popping colors that are sure to draw attention. When she posted an Instagram story earlier this year showing off her real hair, fans were shocked to see just how long it is. They were ecstatic to see her natural tresses and encouraged her to wear it that way more often. 

The star’s hair again turned heads when she sported a custom look from Louis Vuitton. The rapper was wearing a miniskirt and matching crop top while carrying a classic — and sold out — Louis Vuitton all covered in the traditional “LV” monogram. What really drew attention, however, was the rapper’s unique decision to monogram her long blonde ponytail with the letters as well. According to Page Six, the work was a custom job completed by hairstylist Tokyo Stylezso would-be imitators will have to make some serious connections in the entertainment world to get the look for themselves.