‘Candyman’: What Happens When You Say it 5 Times On This Website?

Only the bravest of them all dare to utter the name. Now that Candyman is in theaters, audiences are freaking out—literally. The original 1992 horror flick introduced a new fear, and the modern film reinforces it. A visual artist grapples with the frightening urban legend only to uncover the societal truth behind it.

The film is giving fans the chance to experience the legend’s jumpscare. There is a website that allows visitors to say Candyman’s name five times on a computer. While the movie is a piece of fiction, what happens to the risk-takers who visit the site?

Nathan Stewart Jarrett and Win Rosenfeld standing at Candyman screener
Nathan Stewart Jarrett and Win Rosenfeld attend a ‘Candyman’ screening | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

‘Candyman’ tackles a real fear

Many viewers say that Candyman almost makes the legend of Bloody Mary look like a nursery rhyme. The 2021 film focuses on Anthony, a visual artist living in the Cabrini-Green Chicago neighborhood. Although the community buried its past, Anthony resurrects the brutal reality.

People in the older Cabrini-Green community blamed a man named Sherman Fields for placing razor blades in candy. Police got ahold of the rumor and violently killed him. But after Sherman died, locals still found razor blades in candy pieces. Residents of the town thus assumed that he embodied Candyman.

As Anthony uncovers more truths, he learns that the reality of systemic racism exists within the legend.

The website that invites visitors to say ‘Candyman’ 5 times

Although many horror enthusiasts think they’ve seen it all, they might have to think again. The creative team behind Candyman released a few trailers and insights into the new flick. However, they could have held something else from viewers.

A Candyman website encourages all visitors to utter his name to “summon him and unloch exclusive content.”

The website requires using a computer’s microphone and camera, and it gives visitors an option to “say it” or “no way” with an agreement at the bottom to “collect data via the camera and microphone.”

After any visitor clicks “say it,” they should see the words “I dare you to say Candyman five times” on the screen. There is even a counting mechanism that records how many times a site user says the name. What happens if someone accomplishes the frightening dare? The website unveils a new trailer.

However, the site’s purpose isn’t simply to watch the new trailer; it’s about who has the guts to defy the superstition. Not many viewers are willing to take the dare, especially after watching the spine-chilling film.

Jordan Peele’s other movies aside from ‘Candyman’

Nia DaCosta directed and co-wrote Candyman alongside the famous filmmaker and actor Jordan Peele. Many horror fans recognize Peele’s name for his other projects, Us and Get Out.

Get Out concentrates on the main character’s terrifying experience in a racist household. Chris is a Black photographer who is about to meet his white girlfriend’s family. Upon arriving at the family’s home, he quickly sees the problems. Although the white family is initially welcoming, Chris doesn’t understand why the only Black people he sees are in a strange hypnotic trance working on the grounds.

The audience and Chris simultaneously learn the truth, which ultimately leads to more shocking revelations in the end.


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Peele’s upcoming project will star Get Out‘s lead actor, Daniel Kaluuya alongside Keke Palmer. He expects his new film Nope to come out in 2022.