Captain America and The Punisher Would Not Get Along, MCU Fans Are Convinced

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have a lot of theories when it comes to storyline plot twists and character arcs. Loyal followers of the series spend countless hours online debating their ideas with other MCU fans.

An idea that is currently gaining a lot of traction is that Captain America and The Punisher wouldn’t get along. Those familiar with both series are convinced that it would be impossible for these two characters to work together.

Who is Captain America?

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Known as Cap, the avenging superhero is the alter ego of Steve Rogers. During World War II, Rogers was given an experimental serum to enhance his physical abilities.

Once thin and frail, he became the perfect example of physical strength and endurance. Wearing a suit and mask adorned with stars and stripes, Cap represents the American Way. He stands for justice and freedom for all and bears the essence of being the eternal good guy.

The patriotic shield he carries, made of an armor-like material called vibranium, was once thought to be indestructible. In Avengers: Endgame, Thanos breaks the shield with his sword, proving his incomparable power.

Who is The Punisher?

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The Punisher made his first appearance in Marvel Comics in 1974 in The Amazing Spider-ManThe dark character was introduced as an adversary to the webbed superhero. As his persona developed, it became apparent that Punisher would stop at nothing to make sure justice is served. Unlike other superheroes, the “bloodthirsty vigilante” had no problem killing to get the job done.

Fans say that Frank, aka The Punisher, “doesn’t care at all.” They think, “He does what he believes is right and what these scum deserve.” One viewer said that the Netflix version of Punisher explains that he experienced brain trauma, which causes him to act the way he does.

In the original comic series, Frank’s family is killed in cold blood by the mob, and he spends the rest of eternity seeking revenge.

Why Captain America and The Punisher would never get along

A Reddit user recently posed the question: “How do you think the other heroes in the MCU would feel about Punisher?”

Fans were quick to point out that Cap wouldn’t approve of the methods that Punisher uses to get justice. A fan of the series thinks that “Cap would pity him, try to mentor him and obviously fail.”  

Both characters are intent in righting the wrongdoings of society. Reddit’s users agreed that “The only Avengers who would be able to be around him (Punisher) and not turn him into the cops immediately would be Bucky, Natasha, and Clint. I think the others would have nothing to do with him. Which is basically how he’s treated in the comics by the other heroes.”

Despite the many opinions on how Cap and Punisher would react to one another, MCU fans seem to agree that “Cap and Punisher would have one hell of a throw down. Cap would try to bring him in, stop his reign of terror, while Punisher has to fight a man who most likely motivated him to serve.” With Frank’s “deranged way of viewing the world,” it is likely that he would no longer see Captain America as a role model but would start to think of him as a threat.

Captain America is incapable of killing regardless of how heinous the offense. He is a firm believer in second chances and wants everyone to have a second chance at redemption. Punisher, on the other hand, thinks that the only way to stop a villain from continuing to spread evil is to make the final judgment and kill his enemies.

According to Sideshow: “Punisher is not just punishing villains, but he’s punishing himself. He knows he is not a good guy, but he is positive that his methods are effective.”

In contrast, Captain America has ideals and morals that he is not willing to bend for anyone. The two are so different in their methods that it’s unlikely they would ever get along.